2012 Prom Hairstyles For Short Hair

2012 Prom Hairstyles For Short Hair Having short hair does not mean that you cannot experiment with your appearance and look beautiful for your prom night. This is the event to dress for and to shine with new getups and new looks.

If you are looking to change your short hair into something extraordinary then there are hairstyles that help you achieve your goals with minimal effort.

Prom hairstyles for teenage girls are fun and creative which is inspired by the looks of celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Rihanna who sport short hair with great aplomb.

Best Short Prom Hair Styles

Here are a few hairdos that are simple yet hot and will leave no stones unturned to transform you into an eye-capturing princess on your prom night.

Pixie Hair

We all have seen Audrey Hepburn and gone gaga over her pixie hair. Popularized by many celebrities such as Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, andHalleBerry in recent times, you can sport this look with your short and cropped hair at their prom night.

short prom hairstyles

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Very attractive and very easy to get, all you need to do is to mousse up the hair and backcomb the hair and add volume to the hair at the crown. It works best for girls with thick hair and who have heart-shaped or oval faces. Accessorize your hair with flowers and let it stand out on your prom night.


One of the newest hairstyle popularized by Miley Cyrus and Pink, the pompadour is for women who have cropped hair with shaved sides. You cannot do much about the style but you can add color and tease it at the top to make it stand up. This gives your short hair an edgy appearance that can be carried off with pomp and style on your prom night. Suitable for all face types, this hairstyle reiterates the fact that short hair can be sexy and edgy at the same time.


This is one of the classic short hairstyles that is never out of fashion. If you want to add spark to your bob then make it messy and tousled at the end and add blunts or fringes to your bangs this season.

best short hair styles

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Bobs are probably the most common hairstyle for short cropped hair any season and by adding the bangs you can sport this hairstyle for your upcoming prom.

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Short Wave

If you have thick hair that is short then one of the best hairstyles is to comb it sideways and make it look like a wave. To achieve this look, a gel or mousse is required as it combs off all the tangles and loose hairs and give it a sleek look. To add a new sense of spark to it, accessorize the hair with colorful pins and even pearls that can add a style statement on the prom night.

Short Braids

If you have short hair then braids are something you might never have tried but it is a huge fashion statement and is becoming an increasingly popular short hair style in recent times. All you need to do is to take the hair from your forehead and start braiding it sideways; your hair will look messy and the loose hairs will stand out but let it remain because that is the charm of the style. To finish it, spray a hair shiner at the edges and look fantastic on the prom night with short braids.

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