2012 Top Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair

2012 Top Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair Prom night is one of the most anticipated events of the year. We all want to look picture-perfect on this night – the perfect make up with the perfect costume to the perfect hair. If you have long hair, then you have more options than short hairstyles and this can sometimes confuse people into choosing the wrong hairstyle. To avoid such mistakes, we have listed out the top prom styles for long hair that one can opt for.

Best Prom Hairstyles for long  Hair

You might have gorgeous and lustrous hair but a wrong hairstyle can often destroy your looks; hence, check your personal style and then match it with the following hairstyles that are in this season.

Low Side Bun with Side Bangs

For a sophisticated look, this hair updo is perfect. This will make you look flawless without looking too boring. Bundle the curls on one side imperfectly to give it a young and flirty look while the side bangs add a sense of effortlessness into the style. To get this look, one must use volumizing products accompanied by a brush and a blow dryer that can pump the hair.

Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair

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Also, use hot rollers to get the curls on top of the hair while a flat iron can be used to smoothen the side bangs and placed to perfection. Pinning it loosely is important as it should given an effortless look without looking heavy and matured. To finish it, spray a styling spritz that holds the hairstyle in place and also offers a shine to the hair.

This hairstyle is recommended for people who have an oval or heart shaped face. Also the hair must be smooth in texture to make it look lustrous and perfect.

Low Chignon

This is one of the classic prom hairstyles where the hair is slicked back on all sides and the hair is tied into a French twist under the chignon. This is a high fashion statement made popular by a number of celebrities who walk the red carpet. To prep the hair use a styling crème that helps in backcombing the hair and twisting the chignon.

The key to the style is to smoothen all the loose hair into the ponytail. To add an edge and style, affix a flower or a hair accessory onto the chignon. Suitable for oval or square shaped people, one can also alternatively make a French braid instead of a French twist.

Curl Updo with Side Bangs

If you want to showcase the length of the hair and also make it look thicker then sexy curls updo is perfect. You can use rollers to get the perfect curls that can be loosely pinned on top of the hair.

Prom Hairstyles

Source: http://weddingunderway.com/wedding-hairstyles-traditional-romantic-curls-with-classic-pearls.html

This is again a perfect hairstyle for people who have long but thinning hair as the curls and the full bangs add volume and thickness. Suitable for all types of faces and hair, it is preferred that the hair is curlable and not over damaged.

Messy Side Pony Updo

If you have natural curls then this is a perfect prom hairstyle for you. All you need to do is to polish the hair by using the right hair products which will help you achieve a flowing and cohesive look. Also, apply a root lifting product that can add extra volume to the roots and to tame a few unruly curls run a curling iron to the hair. In case you do not have natural curls then you can always use a curling iron to get the perfect curls for this style.

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Barrel Curl Updo

If you want a chic and clean look then back comb your hair into a high pony tail and style it into a coiffure by separating it into sections and pinning it underneath each section. After all the sections are pinned, then just use a bobby pin to keep it into a position. Perfect for fine to medium dense hair, spritz it with a shine hairyspray to add a finishing touch.

Full and Curly Twisted Updo

This is one of the most popular prom hairstyles that add a touch of drama and glamour to the outfit. To get the perfect look just set the hair in hot rollers. After the rollers cool, take it off and break the curls with your fingers. After this is done, just use hairpins to clip the hair at the crown and the back to add volume to the hairdo.

 hairstyles for long hair

Source: http://www.mylovelyhair.org/author/admin/page/44

Once done, smoothen the hair from all sides and let it fall as naturally as possible to give it a bit of a tousled look. If you want extra volume while trying to achieve the perfect messy curls updo, part the hair into sections and blow dry the opposite way. This will add the extra ‘oomph’ to the hair.

Retro Chignon with Blunt Bangs

Another favored prom hairstyles; this is a classic look that is suitable for young girls. To get this look, just apply the mousse onto the damp hair and smoothen the hair with a binder. With a tail comb lift up sections of the hair to make a roll and clip it in place with bobby pins. Once the rolls are pinned underneath, use a flat iron to smoothen the bangs. Suitable for all types of face and hair, opt for this hairstyle if you want to make a sweet appearance instead of a flashy one.

Ballerina Bun

You cannot go wrong with a ballerina bun that can add drama to your personality on the prom night. All you need to do is to apply gel onto the hair and comb it back into a tight ponytail by dividing it into two sections.

2012 top prom hairstyles

Source: http://www.seventeen.com/parties/prom/ballerina-bun-hairstyle

Twist the sections and wrap it around a circle to tuck it underneath with a pin. Once both the sections are pinned into a bun use a hairspray to remove the tangles and make the hair smooth. You can always use accessories such as flowers and sparkles to make it look more attractive.

Low Messy Bun

For an elegant style, prep the hair with gel or mousse. Then wrap the hair into a ponytail and curl the ends with a curling iron. Once the ponytail hair is curled then rough the edges by brushing the hair. The hairstyle is supposed to look messy so do not brush it perfectly and let the curls remain messy when it falls. Pin a few strands from the front under the bun and finish it off by spritzing the front hair.

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