3 Natural Hairstyles For Brides

A trend that is catching up very fast among brides to be is to sport a natural, more relaxed look on their wedding day. To look memorable on your wedding day, you really don’t have to spend thousands of pounds on an elaborate gown, expensive professional makeup or an elaborate hair do. A simple, stylish wedding gown; natural, barely there makeup and a chic natural hairstyle can also do the trick.

A natural hairstyle works well for both formal and casual wedding dos. A natural bridal hairstyle looks best on women who have naturally healthy and lustrous hair. To add some oomph to their natural hairstyle, brides to be can adorn their hair with fresh flowers, natural jewels including pearls or a simple heirloom hair accessory like a bejeweled clip.

Described below are a few natural, timeless and elegant hairstyle ideas which you can try on your wedding day.

Natural Bridal Hairstyles

Loose Waves

If you are planning to have a relaxed, informal wedding ceremony this is the best hairstyle for you. A wedding which is going to be held on a beautiful beach or a private garden offers the bride the perfect opportunity to wear her hair in loose casual waves.

Natural Bridal Hairstyle

Source : http://www.onewed.com/photos/show/loose-waves-wedding-hair-red-lips

The soft, wavy hairstyle works well on women with thick hair. Brides to be with short, medium or long hair can sport this look with panache. This simple, yet stylish hairstyle look can be achieved with minimal hair styling products. To get this look, simply add some volumizing hair tonic and style your hair in loose natural waves with a pair of curling irons or some hot rollers. To complete this look you can wear a tiara made with flowers like baby’s breath (gypsophila) or adorn your hair with fresh water pearls.

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Simple Ponytail

A hot hair trend that is catching up among brides to be is to wear their hair in a sleek high ponytail. This extremely low maintenance hairstyle looks good on brides who are planning to get married on a ranch or want to have an urban themed wedding. City dwelling hipster brides will look great sporting this uber stylish hairstyle on their wedding day.

Bridal hairstyle

Source : http://fashstyles.com/bridal-hairstyles-2012/bridal-hairstyles-2012-8/

Even if you are planning on a backyard wedding or want to get married atop the tallest skyscraper in the city, you should definitely try out this look. To achieve this look, simply slick back your hair with some high shine hair serum. Now hold the hair in place with an elastic hair band. Finish the look by adorning your hair with some fresh flowers or a simple jewel encrusted clip.

Beautiful Braids

Think braids and the first image which flashes through most people’s minds are bespectacled schoolgirls. But braids go far beyond that. There are numerous ways to wear your hair in braids – from simple milkmaids, to Dutch braids, water falls or fish tails. In fact, the options in braided hair are absolutely endless.

Bridal Hairstyle

Source : http://www.hairstylestars.com/crown-braid-bridal-hairstyle/

Brides can wear their hair in simple or elaborate braids depending on the theme of their wedding. For a casual wedding ceremony, you can tie your hair in a simple braid. For a formal wedding do, you can sport a stylish French braid. To complete the look, you can intertwine you braid with fresh flowers, sea pearls or jeweled pins.

Lakshmi Unny Nair