4 Creative Smooth Down Hairstyles

Hair always plays an important part in a girl’s life as it is extremely precious for her as well as she is very much possessive of them. She makes it a point that she takes utmost care of her hair, especially while she travels out. She makes sure to style her hair within few months time with a new hairstyle. First thing she looks in her appearance is whether she has dressed her hair well or not. Though it may take her time but she stylizes her hair wonderfully before going out for parties or with friends and family.

Well girls might have tried out various types of hairstyles. Hence smooth down hairstyles are in huge trend as they bring in a completely new look of the girl’s face. As these hairstyles are straight, modish and glossy you can wear them at home, work or on any other special occasion. This hairstyle offers the beautiful girls an elegant, professional, refined fashion statement. If you’re the one who’s keen to experiment, then we’ve brought for you 4 varieties of smooth down hairstyles.

Latest Smooth Down Hairstyles

Smooth Down ‘Bob’ Hairstyle

Girls will look quite modern in the bob smooth down hairstyle. Your hair is cut shirt and it is also a bit sharp at the corners. The hairstyle requires you to have straight hair where the hairstylist will craft your hair with bob-cut and then with the help of round brush she will twist the hair perfectly at the last parts hence keeping them straight and even.

down bob hairstyle

Your hair will be separated in the middle or side with length of the hair falling till your chin. If you’re not possessing straight hair from the beginning the hairstylist will apply a ceramic hair straightener. After your hair is set with the bob smooth hairstyle, you can also put gel or mousse on the hair for more consistency.

Smooth Down ‘Wavy’ Hairstyle

Wavy smooth down hairstyle has also been a popular style and girls will definitely look fantastic in them. Though your hair creates waves, but it certainly smoothens down nicely. As the hairstylist separates your hair from between, she first blow-dries your hair firstly with the help of round brush.

Uniform Wavy Look

Then she applies a hair straightener of 1 and 1/2 inches long and very trickily twists from the middle of the hair to its end which includes the segment of 3 inches length. By this the floppy waves are produced by her. Those who have medium or thin hair, they can apply gel to them for extra consistency at the ends.

‘Layered Edge’ Smooth Down Hairstyle

This is yet another likeable hairstyle and will look graceful on the teenagers. You have to separate your hair from the side. To acquire a shiny impression on curly or wavy hair the hairstylist will apply a ceramic straightener.

Side-swept Fringe With Layers

After giving irregular layered edge to your hair, she puts gel or mousse by dragging your hair down as it forms tufts. She also puts gel as the long bangs at the back are brushed towards the sides along with rounded comb too, thus adding further volume. The hair will look smooth and glossy as serum is applied from the roots towards the middle sector of the hair.

‘Choppy Layers’ Smooth Down Hairstyle

If the girls are having long or medium length hair then choppy layers is an ideal smooth down hairstyle. Your hair will be crafted in choppy layers as few hairs falls down on your forehead and the rest of the hair drops down smoothly at the back. Via this hairstyle your face features will also be focused giving a sharp pretty look. In the haircut your hair is left loose. You can also add gel to the hair for better texture as you look really gorgeous.

Hence go an extra way in giving a trial to the above smooth down hairstyles.


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