4 Different Hair Braiding Styles For Children

The Rope Braid today are blessed to possess thick and strong hair. At such a young age, their hair is undamaged and free from disturbing hair fall issues; hence their hair can be experimented with, in a number of ways like twisting it, braiding it or simply styling it to make them look all the more cute and adorable.

Braiding one’s hair is a fantastic way of adding style and uniqueness to one’s look. For children, you can also add some beads, bows or headbands for colour. Here are 4 different ways of braiding your children’s hair.

Hair Braiding Styles For Children

The Rope Braid

The rope braid is a twist on the classic French braid and can make your kid look fashionable and adorable at the same time. Use a clean comb and start combing through the hair. Damp hair is ideal as it will twist into neater sections. Make a ponytail and separate the hair in two sections.

The Rope Braid

Slowly twist each section in such a way that it resembles a rope and do this is a clockwise manner. Now simply braid the two sections one of top of the other and then secure it with an elastic band. This braid can also be made to look colourful by using ribbons to adorn it further.

The Simple Braids

These braids are young and simple to make and can be sported by your kid at a formal party or at any casual event as well. Comb through the hair neatly and make a middle parting.

The Simple Braids

Now take thin sections of hair on each side consisting of a few strands and braid it normally to make long thin braids on either side of the parting with the rest of the hair flowing freely. This look suits kids with both long and medium shoulder length hair and is a very common braided hairstyle among kids. One can jazz up the look by decorating the end of the braids with colourful beads.

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African Cornrows

African cornrows are a very popular African hairstyle of braiding the hair right from the scalp to the tips of the hair. This hairstyle is sported by both women and girls and looks extremely cute when done so by the latter. Put some water or de-tangler on the hair and comb it to make the hair totally tangle free.

African Cornrows

Now part the hair along the decided hairline. Then at the back of the head, separate the hair into four or five sections and accordingly take each section and make tight braids right from the scalp. Make sure that the braids are neat and well-defined to give them the look of cornrows and do the same with the other sections as well so that there is absolutely no hair which is flowing freely. Secure the end of the braids with beads or hair clips or end bars, as required.

The Side Braid 

side braid

The side braid is a pre-extension of the thick single braid and is hence, a very innovative look for your kid. Take the kid’s hair and neatly back comb it. Now take one section of the hair from any side, above the ear and braid it by dividing it into three sections and continue it till it’s a thick, individual braid. Now, secure the braid with an elastic band at the end.