4 Different Hair Updos For Proms

If a girl wishes to showcase a formal yet classy look on her prom night, her best option is to select a good hair up-do which will suit the shape of her face and beautify her appearance even further. There is a range of stylish hair up -dos one can choose from, to flaunt on her prom night.

You can opt for a messy hair up-do if you want to go for a wild and carefree look or choose to wear your hair neat and pinned up if you wish to look classy and sophisticated. Here are 4 different up -dos you can sport on your prom night.

Hair Updos For Proms 

The Polished Bun 

The polished bun is a sleek and neatly pinned up bun for those who wish to play safe and look formal and classy on their prom night. To make this up-do, detangle your hair gently using a wide toothed comb and then brush it using a paddle brush to make it smooth.

polished bun

Now, apply a little bit of serum to add shine to the hair. The polished bun looks best in straightened hair, hence flat iron your hair in sections, grab all of it together and pin it up simply in a tight bun using bobby pins. Also make sure that the hair at the top is lifted to a certain extent to avoid a flat and dull look.

The Chignon Up-Do 

The chignon up-do gives a wonderful look to those girls who wish to look elegant and graceful in their appearance. This bun is slightly loose and is characterized by a twisted ponytail which is swirled in a circular way. Back comb your hair, and create a slight puff on the top of your head.

The Chignon Up-Do

Now take the remaining hair and tie it into a ponytail using an elastic band. Twist the ponytail and swirl it at the back of the head neatly securing it with bobby pins; this is called a chignon bun.

The Loose Bun

The loose bun is a classic hair up-do flaunted by girls on their prom night. To achieve this look, de-tangle your hair using a brush and blow-dry it lightly to give the hair a little bounce.

The Loose Bun

Now, tie the hair into a loose ponytail such that you leave soft, slight curled up fringes angled across the forehead, giving off a fairytale look. Now, make the ponytail into a low loose bun, secure it with bobby pins and apply a shimmer spray to complete the look.

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The Side Braided Bun 

The side braided bun looks extremely girly and is an intricate hair up-do for those who wish to dress up and accessorize on their prom night. This bun gives a very creative look and is made by placing the bun in such a manner so that it falls on one side of the head. However, before doing so, you take a section of hair and braid it loosely so that it delicately leads up to the bun.

Side Braided Bun

This look looks all the more beautiful if you curl your hair into little ringlets so that it gracefully outlines your face. One can also add colourful beads and stones into the braid to make the braid look more elaborate. Complete the look by adding a strong hold hairspray.