4 Famous Disco Hairstyles


The disco hairstyles originating since 70s have a great impact in today’s generation and it will rule in the future too. Just like the significant disco dancing making waves on the dance floor now also, modern girls and guys do try out the voluminous disco hairstyles and they look trendy too.

Disco hairstyles always hold an important place among the other distinct fashionable hairstyles. The oversize textured hairstyles always need too many styling products. Hence, if you’re interested to sport such a hairstyle, make sure to wash the hair nicely and then moisturize them in order to get rid of chemical formations and harm to the hair. Here we come before you with 4 glamorous disco hairstyles for all the young girls and guys.

Fashionable Disco Hairstyles

‘Side Bun’ Disco Hairstyles

The girls will look really sophisticated with the side bun hairstyle; at the same time it is quite easy to craft them too.

You can drag all your long hair to one side and fasten them with rubber band under one ear. Then you can generate a poufy bun with your ponytail as you create fuzzy stays with the help of a hairbrush.

side bun

You can pin the bun right below the ear and use spritz of hairspray to spray on the bun. To add further aristocracy, you can complement it with strapless gowns or short skirts with pencil heels, and you can even pin a floral feather in your bun. You can either wear a hair-band, or keep the upper hair a bit messy or plain.

‘Feathered’ Disco Hairstyles

This hairstyle appears to be pretty good on girls who are all set to rock the dance floor. Firstly add volumes to your hair by blow-drying them in the upward and under movement.

Feathered hairstyle

By using a curling iron you can acquire your feathered style as you spin it in the curly way from your face. The layers and the bangs will be twisted backwards from your face and then with the hairbrush craft a nice feathery hairstyle. Lastly spray your hair with spritz of hairspray.

‘Afro’ Disco Hairstyles

If you’re regular party goers then girls and guys who have thick short hair can trial with Afro disco hairstyle for those evenings. If you’re keen to keep Afro hairstyle you can crunch your hair thus turning them into stiff curls.

afro hairstyle

After that make your hair dry or else you can even generate stiff curls with the help of hot rollers. You have to spray your hair so that it can be set in effervescent style all around your head. You can yet again spray your hair with spritz of hairspray.

‘Long and Straight’ Disco Hairstyles

Long and straight disco hairstyle is applied whether you’ve bangs or not. You have to part your hair from middle as your long hair on each side falls straight on your shoulders. You have to dry your hair straightly by inserting no-frizz shine serum, and then utilize paddle brush and blow dry them. Then straighten your hair fully from its roots till the last end by utilizing a flat iron.

Long and Straight hairstyle

Make your hair fall straight more or less on your face and do blunt-cut style below the shoulders to gain a nice disco hair appearance. If you’re going with bangs make sure they’re blunt-cut and deep falling on your forehead.

Girls will surely look appealing in this long and straight hairstyle. A cool shiny top with white jeans and hair-band will make you even brighter along with this hairstyle and you can also draw all the attention towards you.

As disco hairstyle is popularly known as the sexiest hairstyles, you can definitely go for these above haircuts and gain all praises from your friends.



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