4 Fashionable Prom Hairstyles 2013

For every teenage girl, the prom night is a very memorable and important occasion in her high school. Every girl would wish to look her best on this night. While selecting a suitable hairstyle for your prom night, it is imperative to remember that your hairstyle should compliment your dress as well as your physique.

Choose a style which you will be comfortable in and which will not require drastic changes to your hair texture. Be it curly hair, wavy hair or poker straight hair, there are innumerable styles available for every hair type. Here are 4 latest and fashionable hairstyles of 2013 to showcase on your prom night.

Attractive Prom Hairstyles 2013

The Deep Parting 

This style works well those who have thick, smooth hair and is a good hairstyle for those who wish to wear strapless dresses. To get this look, make a wide and deep side parting and separate your bangs so that they fall on top of the forehead and brush them to any side, according to your choice.

Deep Parting

Now, back comb your hair in order to create a puffed up look at the top. Then sweep your hair to one side and tuck it behind the ear so that it looks neat and sophisticated. You can now, twist your hair to create a loose side ponytail and secure it by using bobby pins.

The Sleek Ponytail 

The sleek and smart ponytail is a very trendy look sported by girls today. It works well for those who have straight and shiny hair and also suits girls who wish to wear short playful dresses or long body shaping dresses to their prom night. To get this look, detangle your hair using a good brush.

sleek ponytail

For girls who have wavy hair, apply a smoothening cream to damp hair and blow-dry it. Now divide your hair into thin sections and flat iron it, bending it outwards to give it a little bounce. Make a high or low ponytail using all of the hair and secure it with an elastic band. Cover the band by wrapping a small section of hair around it and finish the look.

The Short Pixie Hairstyle 

For girls possessing short crop cuts, there is no reason to worry as although they might not be able to sport classic fairytale curls or side swept hair, they can look sassy and wild by wearing the right kind of accessories and the right kind of dress.

Pixie Haircut

To get this look, one must have boy cut hair with sharp and short bangs in the front. Use a good styling cream to style your hair as you wish to. One can also wear a bejeweled headband at the crown of the head to glamourize the look further.

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The Side Swept Hair 

The side swept hair is a classic look which suits all kinds of hair especially those who possess long wavy hair and is best suited for those who are keen on wearing strapless or spaghetti dresses as it enhances the shoulders greatly.

Side-Swept Look

Add serum to your hair to smoothen it a bit and comb it gently to create a simple side parting and sweep it one side according such that falls over one shoulder gracefully. Apply a light hold hairspray to complete the look.