4 Finest Bump Hairstyles

Big hair with extra volume was stylized in the period between 50s and 80s and most of the women were noticed in big bump hairstyles. In today’s age too, bump hairstyles are well-admired. Women still stick to this popular hairstyle. They can apply the style while going to office, party or hanging with friends or at home.

Bump hairstyles has well-known names such as the quaff and the poof. It can be worn with half up or half down hairstyles or with a ponytail or it will also look nice on short haircuts along with lengthy layers over the top. This hairstyle is appropriate for short as well as long hair. But shoulder length hairstyle is just perfect for bump style. If you’re thinking of bringing out the wilder side of yours, then bump hairstyle is a sure shot!

When you’re acquiring the sides tight with crafting great heights on the top, then the bump hairstyle comes out naturally. It is always better to first put natural hair and then set the bump hairstyle rather than doing it on washed hair. Hence we have arrived with few of the classy bump hairstyles only for you.

Types Of Finest Bump Hairstyles

Braided Bump

If you’ve long hair and still want to have an elegant look, then certainly you can switch to the bump style with braids. Hence put up a low braid with a trendy bump look. First and foremost the hairstylist will part off your front hair from the rest of your hair. Brush with comb or use fingers to erect a huge volume.

Braided Bump

As she makes a high ponytail she thrusts them in the forward direction and thus the height of the hair is crafted. She then twirls the hair so that the bump is positioned rightly. Then she makes braids with the rest of your hair which falls on your back or front side. Or else after making the braids you can also make a bun with it thus giving a graceful appearance.

Bump With A Ponytail

Though the fashion of ponytail bump appears and leaves, but it never goes outdated. You can craft the style very quickly and it is easy to make also. The hairstylist drags your hair at the back and arranges for a nice ponytail right in the middle of your head. She uses the bobby pins to make a knot of the ponytail at the center.

With the help of the handle of the comb, she pull outs few of the hair from the front and as she places the handle next to the hairline she then steadily drags your hair upwards. Hence the bump is formed on the top of your hair with nice combing. Then she sprays your hair with hairspray to have an overall good look.

Side Bump Hairstyle

This is yet another bump hairstyle and girls definitely look glamorous in this style. After washing and drying your hair with blow-dryer plus eradicating the tangles slowly pull your hair down. Then separate the hair on one side so that the bump is crafted on the other side. Your hair is side parted with the help of the tail of the rattail comb adding an extra volume to the bump.

Side Bump Hairstyle

Use 2-3 bobby pins to maintain the bump in place. You can even criss-cross the pins so that the bump will remain intact. For its better firmness you can use hair spray and bring out the sexy style in you. Leave the rest of the hair fall on both sides of your shoulders.

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Front Bump Hairstyle

Identified as the quaff the front bump hairstyle looks excellent on pretty women. This is a superb hairstyle you can match up with beautiful gown in the parties and special events. As you separate your hair in two parts collect a good amount of hair in the front to make a bump. You can add extra hair from the forehead to the crown along with your bangs. Implement the styling gel and set the front hair with the two curlers.

Front Bump Hairstyle

Then slowly remove the curlers and continue teasing your hair till the poof is created as per your preference. As the front bump is crafted use spritz of hairspray to keep it tight. You can do anything with the bottom half of the hair. You can either make a simple bun or leave it open or make plaits. Therefore pretty girls can craft their hair with the above bump hairstyles for any occasion.


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