4 Glamorous Short Hairstyles

Ladies, lament no more about how arduous it is to maintain those long, flowing tresses. Short hairstyles have come back with a bang and they are ‘the’ flavor of the season. Glamorous short hairstyles can give the wearer a really edgy look. Short haircuts are so much in vogue, that most celebrities are vying with each other to be seen in the trendiest looking short hairstyle.

Short hairstyles can be sported by women of all age groups with élan. A flirty, short hairstyle can make even the plainest Jane look super cool and sexy. The best advantage of keeping your hair short is that you can save a lot of time, which you might otherwise spend in grooming your long hair. Tangles and bad hair days are a thing of the past, since you can get the desired look with a short hair cut in a matter of minutes.

With tons of uber stylish short hairstyles out there we are going to discuss a couple of glamorous short hairstyles which will make you the belle of the crowd.

Different Types Of  Short Hairstyles

Pixie Crop

If you are small made with petite features then opt for a cute pixie crop. The pixie haircut draws attention to the best aspects of your face, including your beautiful eyes, high cheekbones and pert little nose. The Pixie crop looks best on women with oval face shape. Celebrities like Natalie Portman, Katie Holmes and Keira Knightly have sported this ‘de rigueur’ hairstyle at one time or the other.

Short Hairstyles

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In a pixie hairstyle the hair will be cut longer at the top and will have short tapered ends at the sides. This face framing haircut can add volume to fine hair. For formal do’s, you can sweep your pixie crop to one side of your face. For informal events add a bit of gel to your hair and keep it glamorously tousled.

Mini Afro

Go retro with a really cool mini Afro hairstyle. The mini afro looks great on African-American women who are blessed with naturally crinkly hair. Women with round, oval or even heart shaped faces can experiment with the mini Afro hairstyle.

All you need to do to achieve this look is to cut your hair really short and add a pea sized dollop of anti frizz cream to keep your hair in place. Blow-dry your hair on medium heat and finally add a couple of drops of almond or jojoba oil to keep fly away hair in place. Voila! You are good to go. This is an extremely low maintenance hairstyle which is sported by a lot of women with naturally curly locks.

Round Bob

This is a classic hairstyle which has been around for ages. The round bob hairstyle looks great on women with angular faces. Women with oblong or triangular face shapes should definitely try out this stylish haircut. A round bob with side swept bangs looks great on women with receding hairlines.

Short Hairstyles

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You can experiment endlessly with this sexy short hairstyle. Depending on your mood, you can add a couple of curls to your round bob, or play around with your hair to create a girly tousled look, or simply create a sleek look with a good hold hair spray. Slip on a bejeweled one of a kind hair clip and you will definitely turn heads.

Boy Cut

Short Hairstyles

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If you want a renegade look then go in for a boy cut. The sleek, chic boy cut teamed with an off centre parting can make you look charming and youthful. This hairstyle works well on women with oval or heart shaped face.

Lakshmi Unny Nair