4 Haircuts For Teenage Girls 2013

Teen girls should be very aware and careful while choosing a new haircut which they wish to flaunt. Sporting an age-appropriate hairstyle is important for every girl as it is your hairstyle which speaks volumes in expressing your attitude and nature towards others.

Nowadays, western influence contributes greatly to every teenage girl’s personality and looks. Teenage girls are easily inspired by styles sported by upcoming celebrities and hence, there are a number of fashionable haircuts and hair styles, teenage girls can flaunt, in order to enhance their glamour quotient. Here are 4 haircuts teenage girls can display this season.

Stylish Teenage Girls Haircuts

The Long And Full Fringe 

The long and full fringe is a simple cut which is easy to maintain and is meant for those who don’t want a style to look too dramatic or edgy. It is a versatile cut and has currently become very popular as it is being seen more and more on red carpets and runways.

Long And Full Fringe

To get this look, grow your bangs to a medium or long length and get the bangs cut to get a symmetrical length so that they give a full blunt look. These bangs can then be combined with a layered or a messy bob to give it a more stylish appearance. This haircut may look simple, but ensure that from time to time your bangs are trimmed so that they do not become unruly.

The Spiky Short Crop 

A spiky and short crop is a style very popular among teenage girls today. This look inspires in one a sense of independence and empowerment. Moreover, this short crop also enhances one’s complexion and facial features greatly. The spiky short crop looks edgy and shows off the wild party side of the wearer.

The Spiky  Hairstyle

There are easy to handle as it’s a simple wash-and-go style. To get this look, get a boy cut done from your hairstylist such that there are a few sharp and small bangs placed across the forehead in the front and a razor cut at the back. Finish the look by applying styling cream to make it long-lasting.

The Classic Layers 

The classic layered look never gets old and suits nearly everybody hence, making it a famous haircut for teenage girls today. These layers however require daily care and regular trimmings at your nearby salon. To get this look, get your hair cut at different levels, upwards from the nape of the neck towards the top.

classic layer

This look suits almost all face types and shapes as it gracefully outlines the face and falls freely across the shoulders. Layers work well for people having thin hair as it adds volume to the hair and makes it look healthy. One can also highlight the layers by colouring it with a lighter hue or streaking it.

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The Headband Look 

The headband look is a look that was very famous during the 60’s and 70’s. However, with brightly-coloured and bejeweled headbands making a recent comeback, this look has become popular among teenage girls today.

Headband Look

The headband look goes well with deep bangs, a low ponytail or even a messed up bob. Place the headband on top of the head in such a way that it is visible and secure it with bobby pins. Apply a misty hairspray to complete the look.