4 Popular Long Choppy Haircuts

Choppy layered haircuts on long hair form a good way to escape boring and dull haircuts. Choppy layered haircuts can be experimented on simple straight plain hair, or one can do a number of haircuts on the existing style so that the initial hairstyle looks all the more styled and textured.

These layered haircuts unfortunately suit certain hair types only, like short choppy bobs or choppy layered haircuts on long hair. These haircuts can be modified to suit people possessing straight hair, curly or wavy hair. Here are 4 popular choppy layered haircuts to sport on long hair.

Attractive Long Choppy Haircuts

The Razor-Cut Long Layers 

If edgy is the look you wish to opt for then the razor cut long layers are the one you should sport. With minimum amount of effort, you’ll look well groomed but casual and spunky at the same time. This is a perfectly messed up look, any one would wish to flaunt. Get your hair cut in long but sharp and a little asymmetric layers so that the whole look looks razor cut. Apply a good straightening cream to hair which is slightly damp.

The Razor-Cut Long Layers

Now, comb your hair in sections to detangle it. Blow dry your hair using a round paddle brush and dry your sections of hair neatly and patiently to get a straight and smooth look. Flat iron the hair in a similar manner and use a light hairspray to complete the look. After doing so, tousle your hair lightly to give it a messed up look.

The Choppy Sassy Layered Cut 

The choppy sassy layered cut looks absolutely beautiful and stunning in medium length hair and suits faces that are diamond, heart or oval shaped. The main key to the look is the cut, hence ask your hair stylists to give you a cut with choppy layers which are medium length in nature.

Choppy Sassy Layered Cut

To style the hair, apply to slightly dampened hair, a mousse which will add volume to the hair. Then, blow dry the hair using a flat brush and bend the sections of hair outwards while doing so, to give it a choppy look. You can also combine this look with smooth side bangs.

The Puffed Up Choppy Layers 

The puffed up choppy layers give a very vintage and classic look to the wearer. To get this look, get your hair cut in very short layers towards the crown of the head so that it’s puffed up and for the rest of the hair, get it cut in long choppy layers. This is a very funky look to a certain extent, requiring regular handling so that the length of the layers remains the same. Blow dry; apply a good styling cream, tousle the hair with your fingers and viola! The look will be complete. One can also add a pretty hair band or hairclips to accessorize the look further.

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The Curled Choppy Layered Cut 

This haircut is meant for curly or wavy hair and helps the wearer achieve an eye catching look. Your hair should be cut in soft layers so that the layers overlap each other.

Curled Choppy Layered Cut

The curls can be present at the ends of the hair to give it a cascading look, or one can sport this haircut in totally curly hair to give it a playful look.