4 Quick And Easy Twister Hairstyles

There are times when you are feeling lazy and not in a mood to try any elaborate or intricate hairdos. Or at times you want to do that special hairstyle but have no time in hand. In any situation you do not want to compromise with your hair on the style quotient.

Twisting the hair is a simple technique which the hairstylists and enthusiasts have found out which looks as beautiful as a braid but much simpler in the making. Here are a few quick and easy twister hairstyles which can be done swiftly to bring an elegant look as in any complex hairstyle. Some of these effortless hairstyles take less than 5 minutes! And with practice you can spruce up your hair in a jiffy. Check them out.

Quick and easy twister hairstyles

Twisted Ponytail

This twister hairstyle is super easy and super quick. Add a touch of style to your simple boring ponytail with few twists. Brush your hair to remove any tangles and take a side part.

Twisted Ponytail

Separate out two thin sections from left and right side. Tie the rest of the hair in a high or low ponytail. Now start twisting the two sections in the front until your reach the ponytail and wrap them around the elastic band.

Half-Up Twisted Hairstyle

Half-up twisted hairstyle is an adorable hairstyle which can be worked on all textures of hair. It involves the process of teasing, which is back brushing the hair using a fine toothed comb to create a lot of volume especially in the crown area. Grab a bunch of hair in the crown area and tease the hair slowly.

Half-Up Twisted Hairstyle

Comb the teased hair slightly and secure the section with bobby pins at the crown. Now take a thin section of hair above the ear on both sides and twist them towards back and secure them over the earlier inserted bobby pins.

Twisted Bun

This twister hairstyle is a quick, easy and stylish updo with no braiding and no complex technique involved. It can be worn for school, for outing or just for fun. Take a section above the ear from the back and another section just underneath it. Twist both the sections.

Twisted  Bun

As you move ahead twisting the two sections keep adding newer strands of hair at each twist. Stop twisting as you reach the nape of the neck and grab all the hair and secure it into a ponytail. Now twist this ponytail and wrap it into a bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins. If you want you can shift the bun to a side for a stylish look.

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Twisted Chignon

This is a simple twisted chignon which can be made in no time. It works best for shoulder length hair and short hair. Take all of the hair on the left and start twisting it near the ear tightly.

Twisted Chignon

As you reach the back secure it with a bigger U pin. Now repeat the same with the right side. Take all the hair, start twisting and place it above the first twist. Secure it properly with bobby pins. Tuck in any of the left out hair and secure them.