4 Reasons Why Virtual Hairstyles Rule

4 Reasons Why Virtual Hairstyles Rule

4 Reasons Why Virtual Hairstyles Rule The first time I ever tried a virtual hairstyling application made me realize what a boon it is for people like me who love to experiment with their hair.

I believe I have this weird mind that wants to look good, feel great and try a different look each and every single day and virtual hairstyling is my secret hairdresser.

It makes me visualize me, in the most stylish, uber-glam and sometimes freakish hair-do’s, and trust me it’s a lifesaver. I will give you four perfect reasons as to why virtual hairstyles rule and is a must-try!

Reasons Why Virtual Hairstyles Rule

Saves You From A Cut Disaster

Once I had this idea of getting my hair done like Emma Watson, the Pixie hairstyle and in my vision I looked very much like her, almost twins (I know what a joke!) but when I actually got it done, I was a terrible disaster and I would run every time I looked at me in the mirror and it took so much of time for my hair to grow back (it wasn’t really Jack’s Beanstalk) and I wish I had used a virtual hairstyle!

You can actually see yourself in all those haircuts you have been imagining yourself in and trust me, after you are through, you will reject most of them and save yourself from a disastrous haircut. Using a virtual hairstyle you can simply try any haircut you want without actually snipping your precious locks and decide which one actually looks good on you and then go in for a real cut knowing that once you are done you will nothing less than fabulous.

The Perfect Color

Hair colors are so alluring, with all those new colors flooding the supermarket shelves, one feels this certain enthusiasm to try something different. Well, personally speaking once I went in for this reddish look (Thank you Rihanna!) and well I did not meet anyone for the next few weeks (yes, the color was permanent) and then followed a series of hair washes all in vain of course, to wash out my disastrous hair color.

choose virtual hairstyles

This is where actually you can save yourself the embarrassment of getting your hair colored in something that does not complement your skin tone, because virtual hairstyles allow you to look at yourself in not only a new cut but also a new color. You can choose any color you want ranging from modest browns or blacks to funky greens and reds without having to actually apply the colors on your hair.

Fave Hairstyles

Many of us love to style our hair, curling them, straightening them or perming them .Many times we want to try a new hairstyle that we have seen a certain someone sporting on the red carpet but facing the fact of life, few people look good in every single hairstyle imaginable, we are not all Barbie dolls right?

However, with Virtual hairstyles you get to select exactly what style you want without having to undergo any hair treatment. I mean what’s the point of torturing your hair with serums and heats and then not being satisfied with the new hairstyle?

Saves Cost

Accessorizing your hair now is a fashion statement and obviously prices and fashion have always been directly proportional. No matter how good the beaded hair band or the stone butterfly looks in the shop it may not be for your face or age. So before engaging into buying something for your hair you can use a virtual hairstyle and see for yourself whether the accessory suits your hair cut, color and style or not. This way it saves you lots of energy and money.


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    CAN anyone tell me where to get one of these application which has lots and lots of hairstyles?