4 Shag Layered Haircuts

There are so many hairstyles available for women to try out today. Shag layered hairstyles is one of them. These hairstyles are perfect to sport if you wish to change your entire look this season and opt for a refreshing and summery look. These layers look beautiful and add elegance and grace to one’s look and can be modified to give an edgy look as well.

Shag layered hairstyles are super easy to achieve but need regular attention if you wish to maintain the length of the layers. Here are four shag layered hairstyles currently in fashion for women.

Shaggy Layered Haircuts For Girls

Sharp Layers 

The sharp layered cut is all about your attitude and personality and definitely turns heads wherever you go. These hairstyles mostly suit all women, regardless of their face shape and face cut. To get this look, your hair should be cut in sharp layers or in different levels.

Sharp Layers

The layers should be well defined and sharp and they can be made even more evident if you flat iron the hair in separate sections. First blow dry damp hair and after the hair has dried up, flat iron the hair. Follow this by using some styling wax or styling glue to style the hair the way you wish to do it.

The Soft Shaggy Layers 

The soft shaggy layers look romantic and soft and are easy to maintain as well. These layers can be styled if women have natural wavy hair as this style uses natural texture and wave to create a simple and layered look. This style looks beautiful and is easy to maintain as well.

The Soft Shaggy Layers

This style is quick to achieve; just get your hair cut in soft and medium length layers so that they give an elegant look. To make the look all the more polished, dampen the hair slightly and apply a little styling crème. Lastly, finger comb it to get slight separation and volume.

The Puffed Up Layers 

The puffed up layers are a contemporary twist on the classic bouffant look. These layers are well defined but at the same give a vintage look by puffing up the hair at the crown of the head.

The Puffed Up Layers

To get this look, simply get your hair cut in short layers at the crown of the head so that they look puffed up and long layers as one goes downwards. Apply a strong hold hairspray at the end to complete the look.

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The Razor Cut Layers 

The razor cut layers are very much fashion now and give off a very edgy look. To get this look, get your hair, cut very short till your ears or your jaw line and make sure that the layers are sharp and asymmetrical in nature. This look also looks good with full bangs or blunt bangs which can be tapering or razor cut as well.

Razor Cut Layers

This look adds spunk for most face shapes but is best suited for women who have longer faces as the asymmetrical nature of the cut combined with the longer bangs confuses the eye and makes the longer faces look shorter than their natural length. You can also flat iron the hair to smoothen out the waves if required. Then apply a good hair wax product for styling the hair.