4 Short Bridal Hairstyles

There is a romantic, almost fairy tale notion of what the quintessential bride should look like. A new bride is supposed to be a blushing beauty, with a perfect hour glass figure and long lustrous locks flowing down her back. While most brides whip themselves into shape a couple of weeks prior to their D-day, when it comes to their hair, many young brides choose to leave it as it is – short and sexy.

Just because you have short hair does not mean that you have to hit the panic button, especially now that your wedding day is around the corner. You can look a real hottie bride even with short hair, as long as your stylist comes up with some unique hairstyles that will suit your short hair cut. Some gorgeous short bridal hairstyle ideas are given below.

Different Types Of Short Bridal Hairstyles

The Sexy Pixie Look

If you are a modern bride, then the sexy pixie look will lend a contemporary flavor to your wedding. The sexy pixie look will put the focus on your lovely face and gorgeous bridal gown.

Short Bridal hairstyles

Source : http://www.iamintothis.com/2012/05/wedding-hair-inspiration-2012.html

This minimalist look can be achieved with a dollop of hair gel and your finger. Just add some medium hold hair gel, and style your hair with your fingertips to get that chic bed head look. If you want to add just that hint of glamour to your hair do, you can add a sparkly metal hair clip.

Classic Curls

If you want to look really glamorous, with a touch of that sixty’s look then style your hair in classic curls. Still not got the idea? Think Marilyn Monroe and the rage she created with her bouncy curls.

Short hairstyles for bride

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This gorgeous look can be achieved by putting your hair up in curlers the previous night, and brushing your hair out vigorously in the morning. Your lustrous curls will frame your face like a beautiful halo. This hairstyle is ideal for a more traditional kind of wedding where the bride will be wearing a tea length wedding gown.

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The Parted Fringe

If you want to portray the sweet, innocent look, this hairstyle can do wonders for you. The sleek parted fringe works well on medium and short hairstyles. To achieve this look make a deep side parting and sweep your hair to one side.

Short party hairstyle

Source : http://www.knotforlife.com/style/hairstyle/wavy-half-updo-bangs.shtml

Brides with heart shaped, or even round shaped faces, look really good when they sport this hairstyle on their wedding day. To up the glamour quotient, add a simple sparkly tiara as well.

The Curled Up-Do

This sophisticated look can be achieved even if you have medium length hair. To get this classic look you need a really good hairstylist. A stylist will begin by curling your medium length hair.

Short Bridal hairstyles

Source : http://weddinghairstylegallery.com/v/Wedding-Updo-Hairstyles/Classic+bride+curly+hairstyle+in+blond+with+pearl+hair+clips.PNG.html

Then the hair is piled up on the head in a stylish way, and held in place with hair clips or pins. A few locks of hair are left loose, just to frame the bride’s face. This hairstyle looks really great, especially if you are planning to wear a more traditional kind of wedding gown on your D-Day.

Lakshmi Unny Nair