4 Side Fringe Hairstyles For Teenagers

Wispy Front Fringes Long Hairstyle

The side fringe is the new fad for teenage girls all over the world. Not only does the side fringe look smart and playful, it also brings more attention towards one’s facial features and hence enhances their look further.

These fringes can be made to look messy and wild or can be made to look formal and sophisticated by flat ironing them or pinning them up accordingly. Hence, side fringe hairstyles are many and varied and teenage girls have a wide range of side fringe hairstyles to choose from today. Here are four chic side fringe hairstyles in fashion currently.

Fringe Hairstyles For Teenagers

The Layered Side Fringe 

This fringe is also known as a choppy side fringe and is best for those teenage girls who would love to flaunt a textured and layered look for this style of a side fringe can be incorporated into hairstyles ranging from a short crop cut to a long hair length style.

Layered Side Fringe

Visit your hair stylist and accordingly decide how long and layered you wish your side fringe to be. A layered side fringe falls over one of the eyes, giving off an edgy look. To flaunt this fringe even better, comb and blow dry it, then style it using a light wax to give it a strong hold.

The Side Fringe With Curls 

The side fringe with curls is more of a wispy side fringe which suits curly and wavy hair. This fringes style suit petite and oval shaped faces and elegantly falls across the forehead in a slanting manner.

Side Fringe With Curls

To get this look, blow dry your fringes and then crimp them to get a wispy look and leave them strewn across the forehead lightly. The side fringe looks good with long wavy hair kept open or a bun with curled up ringlets coming out of the bun as well.

The Side Fringe Bob 

For girls who have sleek or asymmetric cut bobs, the side fringe should be poker straight and sharp giving off a bold look. To get this look, go to your nearby hair stylist and get your side fringe cut in accordance to the tapering style of your asymmetric bob.

Side Fringe Bob

Now flat iron your side bangs to make them poker straight and leave them angled across your forehead such that they match the style of the bob you have. Apply a bit of serum on your fringes to give them an extra shine to complete the look.

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The Ponytail Side Fringe 

Side fringes can also be cut in varied styles to enable them to go according to the ponytail you wish to sport. Whether you ponytail is high or low, wavy side fringes usually suit all kinds of ponytails. A wavy side fringe looks calm and laid back and can easily blend into the loose casual ponytail sported by teenage girls today.

Ponytail Side Fringe

Make sure that your fringe is long as at times, this fringe can also be pinned back by using hair clips to give a neater look. These side fringes however require maintainence, hence make sure that you visit your stylist regularly to get these side bangs trimmed from time to time.