4 Striking Medium Haircuts For Women

Medium length hairstyles are always the most popular styles and it generally works appropriate on all face shapes and hair kinds. They are the flavor of all seasons thus bringing fresh new looks always. If you’re owning medium hair or thinking of shaping it at that length, you’ve come to the right place to see the distinct current styles of mid-length haircuts.

Medium length hairstyles are very adaptable and thus women can style them in many ways. These hairstyles can arrive with tousled consistency or shiny shattered haircuts but both will look glamorous on women. They are a whole bunch of mixture of styles, cuts and colors they can experiment. Women can either keep it simple or else even color their medium haircuts. We’ve approached with 4 attractive medium haircuts for women.

Mediun Haircuts For Women

Romantic Waves Hairstyle

Women with all face shapes will look wonderful with soft curly hair. If they have a round face they can separate their hair from the middle to craft a better modish look, and if they have a longer forehead they can include few side bangs for creating a balance.

waves hairstyles

The hairdresser will part the hair towards one side and put any shine serum and silky cream for damping the hair. With the help of round brush or paddle brush she’ll make the hair smoother. When the hair is completely dry, she’ll make curls on your head with a 1 1/4” curling iron. Fingers can be further used to break those curls. You can hairspray the hair for maintaining the strands. You can even color those curls for a polished texture.

Swept Away Hairstyle

Swept away haircut will look pretty on square faces which are patterned with soft curls. If you are possessing wavy or straight hair then you can easily gain with this hairstyle with curling iron. The hairdresser will craft a deep side part with comb and part half of your hair.

The top portion should be dropped down and thus curled. Then the bangs at the end should be straightened and curled in locks at the back so that the swept-back effect will be generated perfectly. You can end up by applying hairspray or shine spray. If you want you can also pin few strands of hair loosely for a good updo.

Shattered Haircut

This hairstyle will look unique on those women who have round faces. If you own straight hair naturally it will go well with this smooth style. The hairstylist untangles your locks with comb and separate hair off the center.

shattered haircuts

The straightening products are used on the hair so that it can be damped and then blow-dried with a paddle brush. As the hair goes dry, your hair strands will be smoothed with a flat iron till it becomes straight fully. The wispy ends should fall towards the face which would frame your face superbly.

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The Blowout Hairstyle

Ladies with any face shape and hair kinds will appear smart in this hairstyle. On the wet hair you have to apply a styling product and then with a round brush you’ve to blow-dry a section of your hair. As it gets dried fully you have to roll a section of hair in the round brush and then cool it.

blowout hairstyles

You have to repeat this process with other sections of hair. Then you can add a bit of bends at the ends which will provide a blowout along with polishing. You can end it with finishing spray. Make sure that your hair falls alongside the forehead and ears. Hence women can now switch to any of the above medium hairstyles and bring changes in their lifestyle!


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