4 Stylish Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair

The prom night for every teenager is the night to let themselves free, to party and dance away till the very last minute. On this night, girls wish to look their prettiest and aspire to take away the homecoming queen crown and hence, put on their finest accessories to prepare themselves for this special occasion.

One important aspect of their appearance is their hair, and how they wish to style their hair matters a lot. Long hair looks beautiful and can be styled in innumerable ways including intricate up dos and long flowy braids. Here are 4 stylish hairstyles one can flaunt with long hair, this prom night.

Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair

The Side Swept Curls 

The side swept curls look gives off a dreamy fairytale appearance and looks stunning on girls who have long curly hair. One can also artificially curl their hair into little ringlets if they do not possess natural curls. Detangle your hair using a wide toothed comb and apply some serum to your curls so that they give off some shine.

Side-Swept curls

Now take all your curls to one side such that they fall gracefully over one shoulder and the other side is left bare. This style looks extremely elegant and suits those who opt to wear strapless dresses to their prom night. Complete the look by applying some hairspray to the curls.

The Half Up, Half Down Style

The half up half down style is a classic prom night look exhibited by girls. This look consists of separating your hair into two parts vertically and letting the part below loose and free while the top section is to be pinned back giving off an elegant look. One can also curl the section below or crimp it to give it a different look.

The Half Up, Half Down Style

The top section however is blow dried with a paddle brush and pinned back in such a manner, so that it is lifted to a avoid a flat appearance .Secure the hair with bobby pins and complete the look by applying a light misty hairspray.

The Roman Braid 

The Roman braid is a traditional twist on the single side braid and looks beautiful on people who have extremely thick and straight long hair which can be made into long side braid. To achieve this hairstyle, comb your hair carefully such that it is tangle free and take it to one side of the shoulder.

roman braid

Now divide the hair into three sections and plait it to get a thick long side braid. Also while doing so, weave a silk thread or a necklace made of tiny stones into the braid so that it looks like a part of braid. Secure the braid with an elastic band to complete the look.

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The Sleek Ponytail 

The sleek ponytail looks modern and confident and matches with any kind of gown a girl would wish to wear to her prom night. Flat iron your hair by dividing it into several sections.

sleek Ponytails

Now take all of the sections and pull them together to make a high or low ponytail according to your preferences. One can also leave bangs across the forehead to make the look a bit more playful. Secure the ponytail with an elastic band and then apply some shimmer hairspray to give the hair some shine.