4 Stylish Wedge Hairstyles For Women

The need to sport the right hairstyle is supported by the fact that it can give one an updated and modern look, regardless of one’s age. Wedge hairstyles were made famous in the70’s and have evolved through the last few decades, resulting in varied looks.

These hairstyles are mostly sported by women who possess straight hair, though there is no specific length that is required to keep a wedge haircut. These hairstyles can be high maintenance or easy to handle, depending on the cut chosen by the wearer. Here are 4 stylish ways in which one can sport a wedge hairstyle.

Wedge Hairstyles For Women

The Straight Line Bob 

This is the simplest of the wedge hairstyles available and is a classical hairstyle which has been sported by women since the inception of the wedge haircut in the 70’s.These are the easiest to maintain and can be made to adjust to the shape of the wearer’s face.

Bobbed Hairstyle

These bobs are usually well rounded at the nape of the neck. The bob maintains the same length all around the perimeter of the face and works well with straight and smooth textured hair.

The Layered Bob

The layered bob is trendy and smart and requires regular maintenance so that the layers are always in shape. This look works best for women who have an oval shaped face as these short haircuts are well- balanced and proportional.

The Layered Bob

The layered bob consists of short layers which add volume and softness to the look. This bob can also be complimented with bangs completely side swept to one side or equally spread out fringes depending on the look one wishes to go with. The side swept bangs look feminine and charming while the perfectly even fringes look smart and sleek.

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The Spiky Wedge Hairstyle

This style is usually sported by women having petite faces as it adds drama to their appearance. This look which is a variation of the super sharp pixie haircut is characterized by very short hair at the back which is cut by a razor to the nape of the neck, building up to volume right on top of the head which can be achieved by getting mid-length layers and lastly spiked up fringes or bangs in the front which can be left freely or clipped to one side using hair clips or bobby pins.

The Spiky Wedge Hairstyle

These fringes are sharp and portray a powerful persona and look best when coloured with highlights such that they move from a darker to a lighter shade of colour from the roots to the tips of the hair strands.

The Short-Angled Wedge Cut 

The short-angled wedge cut is the most popular wedge cut seen among celebrities today as it gives off a very sleek and rich look, Firstly, the hair closest to the back of one’s head towards the nape of the neck is cut very short using a sharp razor.

The Short-Angled Wedge Cut

The hair is cut into various layers and then tapered to achieve longer lengths as one gets nearer to the crown area and hence, the top of the head. On finishing, the hair should be extremely short at the back of the head and long on the top of the head. To top off the look, add straightened sharply angled fringes or bangs that can be swept to one side.