4 Top Updo Hairstyles 2013

When you are uniquely dressed up for a particular occasion, be it wedding, functions, social events or parties, but left with only hairstyle, without thinking much the updo hairstyles brings you a perfect solution. The selection is just unbelievable as these elegant updo hairstyles will make you appear even more gorgeous and you’ll turn out to be the main attraction among all others. They can be created wonderfully without much effort.

The modern updo hairstyles can be beautified with extra volume of hair. You don’t need to hit the parlor always; rather you can yourself handle at home by checking out you-tube and copying the great hairstylists as not much styling skills are necessitated. The distinct designs of updos are mainly messy but sophisticated. Thus, we have described below about the 4 best updo hairstyles of 2013 that girls can experiment on their hair.

Stylish Updo Hairstyles 2013

Knotted Updo Hairstyle

Girls with this hairstyle will look amazing when they walk into the parties. If you have a wavy set of hair, the hairdresser will start forming a deep part and then collects loosely small segments at the top of your head and separates it up into two pieces. A loose knot is tied with two locks as the hairdresser will circle the front segment over the top segment.

Knotted Updo Hairstyle

She carries on tying knots into a nice chain, not forgetting to grasp the loose ends from the earlier loops, further clings the nape till she reaches the contrary side from where it was begun. The locks are tied into one-side lock and tied with a band. The end of the strand is further wrapped in a loose bun around the nape with a pin.

Embellished Topknot Updo Hairstyle

You can make the topknots a bit more interesting as you place it higher up on the head. Then you make a ponytail in two even segments. You can tie a long but thin woven belt at the ponytail base. You can then begin enfolding the belt in the region of one section of ponytail.

Topknot Updo Hairstyle

It depends on you how much is the length of the belt; in that way you can leave a small bit of space or a big one linking the belt. When it comes to the end you can tie the belt with bobby pin at the end of the lock. The long lock can be coiled at the top of the head in rounded knot and secured with big bobby pins. You’ll really have a classic appearance in this hairstyle.

Braided Brooch Updo Hairstyle

This updo haircut in braided brooch is too fascinating and girls can look pretty wearing casual dresses too. Keep your hair open and long. The hairdresser will first grasp a small segment of your hair at the back of the bangs and separates it into three locks. She then crafts the hair in French braided style which is shaped in the mid of the head.

Braided Brooch Updo Hairstyle

She ends braiding at the other side and drags away from your scalp. She then ties the braid with a small band staying away from one or two inches. Your braid can be circled upwards at the top of the head thus leaving wobbly at the end portion. The rest portion of the braid can be circled into the creative loop thus secured with big bobby pins.

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Simple Messy Updo Hairstyle

Simple messy updos are modish and flimsy hairstyle, and easy to tackle at anytime of the day. The hairdresser will brush your long hair at the back of the head as she ties the two brands one above the other coming together into one, thus leaving the rest of the hair open. If you are in a hurry but still then want to keep your long hair open, you can try out half-updo hairstyle.

Messy Updo Hairstyle

The hairstylist will pull a bit of hair from sides upwards and backside from both the sides and fix it with a pin, with rest of the hair being kept open. Hence all you girls can try something different with the above updo hairstyles of 2013 which will make your rock in the functions.


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