4 Unique Hairstyles For Short Hair

From time to time, women have the tendency to crib that their hair is too short to be styled in any way. Long hair is known to be more diverse and varied in the number of ways it can be styled in.

However, this is no major cause of concern as with the immense amount of technology and creativity available in the market today, short hair can be as easily and quickly styled as long hair can be styled in. Short hair can be made to look both sassy and sleek and formal and classy at the same time. Here are four unique ways to style your short hair.

Stylish Hairstyles For Short Hair

The Short Angled Bob 

This bob is a trendy twist on the plain simple bob. To achieve this look, straightened hair is required as it will be more defined than short angled bob styled with wavy hair. Firstly, flat iron your hair using a good straightener such that all sections of your hair are all perfectly straightened .

angled bob

Now, ensure that the hair at the back of your head is made short and the hair in front made long and tapering towards the front. Since this look is asymmetrical, regular trimmings may also be required in maintaining this style.

The Razor Sharp Bangs

Razor sharp bangs are classy and modern and give a very edgy look to the person who sports it. To achieve this look, one must have boy-cut hair. First comb your hair backwards and after doing so, take a paddle brush and blow dry the hair by dividing it into small sections. This look goes well with straight hair, hence flat iron the hair after blow drying to achieve a sleek look.

Razor Sharp Bangs

Then, take a brush; make a parting such that the hair is divided into three sections with the middle one being the largest section and brush all the hair of the middle section from the back towards the front, such that it falls on the forehead in a ‘V’ formation, giving one a razor sharp look. One can also colour the tips of the hair at the base of the ‘V’ formation to jazz it up a little.

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The High-Volume Cut 

High-Volume Cut

For this high volume hair style for short hair, one needs to blow dry the hair and lift a section of hair on top to create volume. This look works best for those who have a boy-cut or really short hair ending at the jaw line. After the hair has dried up, apply hair styling cream to make the puff dramatic and defined and then complete it by adding hairspray to it.

The Crimped Bob

The crimped bob is a classic bob which has been flaunted by innumerable women through the centuries. This bob is traditional to look at and is perfect for formal occasions and weddings which require a sophisticated and sober look to be sported by women attending the event.

Crimped Bob

Blow-dry the hair using a paddle brush and create a side parting. Now, crimp the hair towards either side of the parting to achieve a wavy look and side sweep it to one side such that it is falling on one shoulder. Lastly, apply a good shine spray for extra luster.