4 Wonderful Medium Length Hair Styles

It’s time to switch to a fresh new look this summer season. During this season, maintaining medium length hair is easy and it looks flattering as well. Though the length may seem appropriate to flaunt, it might be quite a tricky length to keep, as style wise it falls just in between long hair which can support intricate styles and short hair styles which do not utilize the hair at all.

However, this is no cause of worry for even in such a length, there are many combinations of styles and cuts that one can try. Here are 4 wonderful medium-length hairstyles to flaunt this season.

Stylish Medium Length Hairstyles 

The Blow Dry Look 

This look is simple to achieve and never fails to look stunning on each and every woman who flaunts it. This style is great and universal in nature as it works for all face shapes and cuts in general. To get this look, apply a little bit of serum first to dampen the hair and style it.

blow dry hair

Starting at the nape of the neck, blow- dry a small section of hair using a round paddle brush and curl it outwards to give it a slight bend. Continue to do so and work your way upwards, finishing with the sections of hair which outline the face. Lastly, apply a misty hairspray to make the look long-lasting.

The Side-Swept Look 

The side swept look is the perfect red carpet look for women who wish to feel glamourous and look the same. To get this style, curl the ends of hair using a good curler to get straight and neat curls. The bangs should also fall across the forehead in a side swept manner and should be flat ironed so that they look presentable.

Side-Swept Look

Now make a side parting according to your side bangs and bring your hair forward such that it rests on one shoulder and secure it with bobby pins. Fluff up your curls to add volume and apply light hairspray to hold the look.

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The Full Fringe 

The full fringe is a very trendy look, in fashion today. To get this look, your medium length hair can be curled or straightened according to the style you wish to sport.

Full Fringe

This style works best for people who have thick hair as the most important aspect of this look is the full fringe, which falls across the forehead proportionately and covers a part of the forehead or the whole of it depending on the length of the fringe. To get the perfect full fringe, blow dry the fringe using a round paddle brush, curling it slightly inwards to give it volume. One can also flat iron the bangs if they want a sleeker look.

The Ponytail Look 

Ponytails are making a comeback as they are easy and quick to make and are perfect to sport at the workplace or even at formal events and occasions. Ponytails especially, look good and carefree on medium length hair. Detangle your hair and back comb it to puff it at the top.


Smoothen your hair and secure it with an elastic band to make a neat ponytail. Now take a small section of your hair and wrap it around the band to cover it. Complete the look by applying a misty hairspray for a light hold.