5 Amazing Natural Remedies For Healthy Hair

Amazing Natural Remedies for Healthy Hair

Amazing Natural Remedies for Healthy HairAll of us dream of having healthy and beautiful hair. We love to compliment our looks with lustrous and shiny hair. Having healthy and nourished hair is not a difficult task. All we need to do is, take care is a very natural way. There are many artificial cosmetics available in the markets which claim to be beneficial for our hair. However, the fact remains an enigma. We can definitely trust the natural remedies without any doubt.

We are blessed with many efficient natural ingredients in our vicinity, which can be used in our remedies for healthy hair. Below, I will try to make you aware about a few natural remedies for healthy hair. These remedies are worth giving a try.

Amazing Natural Remedies For Healthy Hair

Indian Gooseberry, Olive Oil and Egg

This is a very nutritive remedy for hair. Indian gooseberry is rich in essential vitamin C for the hair. Olive oil is a natural source of Vitamin E. Combination of all the ingredients can work wonders for unhealthy hair.

Using Indian Gooseberry, Olive Oil and Egg on hair

Mix 2 tablespoons of Indian gooseberry powder with 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a small bowl. Now break one egg into it and apply the prepared paste on the scalp. Let it dry on the head for some time. Later, wash off with mild shampoo. You may adopt this method thrice a week for best result.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is very beneficial for hair. This gives a protection to the hair from any kind of fungus infection. This in turn keeps the hair healthy and strong. It is very easy to use lemon juice for the same. After washing your hair with a mild shampoo, rinse your hair nicely.

Lemon Juice

Now, squeeze out the juice of one lemon in two glasses of water and use it to rinse your hair finally. You should adopt this remedy twice a week for getting shiny and lustrous hair within a month. This is a tested remedy.

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Neem Leaves

Neem leaves are natural source of anti-septic and anti-bacterial agents. These properties are very beneficial for hair and help become strong and beautiful. Get a bunch of fresh neem leaves and grind them to form a smooth paste.

neem paste

Now Mix it with 2 tablespoons of curd and apply it as a head mask. Keep it intact on the scalp for half an hour and then wash off with a mild shampoo. This will keep your scalp and hair roots healthy which will ultimately lead to beautiful hair.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are readily available in our kitchens and is also beneficial for our health. This is also good for our hair. You just need to soak 2 teaspoons of fenugreek seeds in water for a night and then grind it into paste the very next morning.

Fenugreek seeds

Add one teaspoon of olive oil into the paste and apply it as a head mask. Leave it on for some time so that it dries up. Use normal running water to wash off the pack from the hair. You can adopt this natural remedy once a week to get healthy hair.

Honey and Coconut Milk

It is very easy to drain out the milk from coconut. Take a cup of coconut pieces and grind it by adding adequate amount of warm water. Later pour some hot water into the prepared paste and squeeze out the thick milk from it. Now, add one teaspoon of pure honey into the milk and mix well.

Coconut and honey

Use this mixture as oil and apply on the hair and scalp. Leave it for half an hour and later take bath. Go for this remedy once a week for effective result. You will be able to observe the improvement after the first application itself.