5 Appealing Cute Short Haircuts

Women generally stick to small, medium or long haircuts and among them they test with variety of styles by visiting the parlor frequently. They always love to flaunt their hairstyle and at the same time are equally protective about them. These days short haircuts are in great fashion as they are not only easy to style but also easy to manage in one’s daily busy lives. The short haircuts being trendy, casual and appealing are appropriate for any occasion.

The pretty young girls and women who specifically opt for the cute, short haircuts look even more amazing after adorning it. They’ll have a shiny glaze on their face with these chic haircuts. Along with this their features including face, neck and nape will be very well noticed. Women will also be extra confidant and attractive in the cute, short hairstyle. You will need repeated trimming in between just to maintain that style nicely. We’ve approached with 5 best cute, short haircuts and you can definitely choose one among them.

Attractive Cute Short Haircuts

Curly Bob Haircut

If you’ve bob cut on medium hair and above that you add curls to it, it will bestow you with a feminine appearance and you look even sweeter. After washing your hair, the hairdresser will put a styling product on it and then blow dry with the help of medium round brush.

curly bob

Then your hair will be applied with thermal protection. It’s now time to curl your hair beautifully with medium barrel iron. You can now place your hair nicely with hairspray. A red or pink lipstick along with eyelashes will further brighten up your face.

Long Pixie Haircut

Girls those who have heart shaped face should stay away from this haircut. This style will look perfect for the girls having medium hair. The hairdresser should firstly put styling product on the wet hair.

Long Pixie Haircut

After cutting the hair short, she’ll brush your hairstyle side to side and then make side swept fringes. With these fringes your eyes will be more highlighted. You can spray your hair lastly to hold the style in place with fringes slightly falling on your cheeks and back.

Convex Layered Bob Haircut

Girls with short hair can try out the new convex layered bob haircut as it will give them a tomboyish look. As per the shape of your head the hairdresser will give lots of texture to your hair.

Layered Bob

As against your head shape the wet hair will be blow-dried side to side till you get the convex layered bob cut. After the hair is dried completely the hairdresser applies product to acquire more consistency to your hair. Those who have wide faces should go with this haircut.

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High and Bobbed Hairstyle

The girls with round faces should surely select this hairstyle. The ones who have longer face and thick hair should stay away from this style. On your short hair when it is wet the hairdresser will put a styling product and keep on blow-drying with the help of styling brush.

High and Bobbed Hairstyle

She then implements thermal protection and further with flat iron flattens your hair hence some falling sideways on your forehead covering your ears and some at the back. Lastly she will add a product for better consistency. You can also color your hair as per your hairstyle is parted. A light makeup will bring freshness on your face.

Short Shag Haircut

The short shag haircut will look beautiful and chic on sugary girls. The haircut is shaped in a shaggy style as the hairdresser blow-dries first with a styling brush and then the rest of your hair can be blow-dried with the help of fingers.

short shag haircut

Your hair will fall on your forehead and alongside your ears as you balance it by applying a product to add more consistency. Girls with any face shape and hair type can experiment with short shag hairstyle. Hence take a chance and select the suitable cute, short haircut that goes with your personality!


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