5 Appealing Haircuts For Straight Hair

Not just the curly haired girls but everybody seems to lust over long sleek locks. The beauty and gorgeousness of straight hair is incomparable which neither the curls nor the waves can bring. Straight hair tends frizz less and is easily manageable and is the starting point for a lot of attractive hairstyles.

While the straight hair is very less prone to tangling, you still need to take utmost care of your straight hair to prevent it from dry and frizz apart from thinning down. It is worth your effort, because with healthy hair you can create amazing haircuts for a polished and stunning look. Check out some of the alluring haircuts which suit the straight hair best. Next time ask your hairstylist to pep up your straight hair to an interesting and attractive look with these charming haircuts.

Appealing Haircuts For Straight Hair

Pixie Haircut

Pixie haircut is undoubtedly the best haircut for very short hair and with straight hair a lot of options are there for styling. A pixie cut with straightened hair looks, pretty, elegant and stylish.

The Pixie Style

Add a unique style to your short hair with a messy pixie which gives a rough look to your personality. Bring in some spikes with your straight hair for an interesting look. You can also opt for a razored pixie haircut which is stylish and trendy.

Bob Haircut For Straight Hair

Bob haircut is one of the classic and versatile haircuts for short hair. Many with straight hair prefer a bob because it is easy to create and maintain.


While the blunt bobs are the most opted ones, the hair length can be varied to create a range of hairstyles. If you have a round face you can opt for choppy ends or go for shiny side swept bangs to slim down the face. Inverted bob is also an exceptional choice for straight hair.

Layers For Straight Hair

Adding layers to the straight hair is a playful and stylish way which suits almost all face shapes. The hair is trimmed to form various layers from your shoulder level and downwards.


The layers add plenty of volume to your hair. Both center part and deep side part looks good with straight hair cut into layers. The layers also create an illusion of length.

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Very Long Straight Hair

Very long straight hair looks beautiful when it is smooth, shiny and healthy. Not everybody is blessed with super straight hair, but with right products and styling tools you can achieve long straight hair.

straight hairs

Leave your straight hair loose and relaxed with middle part for a super chic look. If this seems very simple to you opt for eyebrow grazing bangs. Use frizz free products to protect your hair from drying.

Emo Cut For Straight Hair

If you want to try some bold haircut for your straight hair, then nothing is more stunning and crazier than a perfect emo cut.

emo haircut

The straight hair is just apt for the emo cut which contains a lot of chunky layers, side-swept bangs and uneven pieces covering parts of your face. You can go for vibrant hues and highlights for a unique style to suit your personality.