5 Attractive Short Haircuts For Women


One of the key and practical reasons women prefer short haircuts and hairstyles is its manageability. You can be carefree with your hair while juggling between home, kids and work. With a short hair you do not have to worry about drying your hair and spend time in doing some intricate hairstyle when you have no time in hand. In a way short haircuts make one’s life easy.

However, the above lines don’t infer that, women with short hair have limited options to showcase their hair. There are huge options available with stylish and edgy cuts to show their femininity and modern outlook. Women over 40 prefer short haircuts with bangs or layers that make them look young and even sexy. Younger women who want to experiment with their look can always try some unconventional and bold looks with  their short hair.

Fashionable And Attractive Short Haircuts For Women

Pixie Haircut

Short pixie is one of the stylish and trendiest haircuts preferred by women with sort hair. It is low in maintenance and you do not have to worry about how this cut is going to look like.

pixie haircuts

You can choose layers, bangs, curls or spikes depending on your personality and taste. An ultra mod woman can go for spikes and highlight them with interesting shades. Younger women can experiment with emo pixie haircut.

Bob Haircut

Bobs are the most common haircuts spotted among women with short hair. Women find it so convenient and handy that they ignore the fact that whether their face shape suits the particular bob haircut at all.

Bob Haircut

Instead of the boring and mono-length cut for bob, opt for a graduated and tapered cut where the hair at the front is longer and it gradually gets shorter towards the back. Side swept bangs add an interesting look to your bob haircut and so are the layers.

Short Curly Haircut

Short curly hair is far more manageable than longer one as it is less prone to tangling and breaking. You can try interesting cuts with curly hair as it already has texture and volume.

Short Curly Haircut

You should also know that curls on your hair help you in smoothing out the angular features of the face. Tame the curls for soft waves which run upto your shoulders.

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Lob Haircut

Lob haircut or the longer version of bob haircut is said to be one of the elegant and stylish short haircuts for women. It is one of the hottest trends too. The hair in a lob haircut are longer than bob and have a length between chin an collarbone. Depending on your hair type you can bring straight, curly or wavy effect to you tresses.

Short Wedge Haircut

Wedge haircut is one of the versatile haircuts which suits almost all face shapes and hair textures. It may look similar to a bob haircut but the angular cuts make the wedge haircut stylish and unique.

Short Wedge Haircut

A short wedge haircut has lots of volume on top with shortest hair at the nape. You can create curly wedge, angled wedge or a layered wedge haircut with your short hair.