5 Best Funny Baby Hairstyles

The moment we see the sweet babies, we’re genuinely impressed by their style, their naughtiness, their smiles and the list doesn’t seem to end actually. What if they adorn funny hairstyles? You must be surprised to hear, but parents nowadays are willing to craft funny hairstyles for their babies.

Though the kids’ hair are thin and soft, parents allow the hair to grow so that they style their kids’ hair themselves or call the hairdresser at home to fashion a funny hairstyle. Styling should be done in such a way that their scalp won’t be affected and their sensitive skin shouldn’t be hurt.

Their hair also needs proper shampoo and conditioning, and it should be taken into consideration which type of funny hairstyles suits their cute face and also experimented in an easy way! Therefore parents can try out 5 unique funny hairstyles on their babies this season.

Best Funny Hairstyles For Babies


‘So sweet’ are the words that we utter when we see girls in pigtails on two sides. If your baby girl has good amount of hair on her head, then brush her hair nicely, divide it into two halves and make two pigtails. Then tie the pigtails to the head’s both sides with colorful elastic bands.


Parents also try pigtails on their little baby boys if they have loose fluffy hair. Their babies with pigtails will surely be observed by others and praised too.

Tiny Pouf Hairstyle

This hairstyle on babies really attracts us towards them as a tiny clump is made on their head top. First wet your baby’s hair with warm water, then mess up his or her hair with fingers till it dries up nicely. Brush their hair softly giving it a fluffy appearance above the head. Do not use any gel or products, except your hands and small comb to make the tiny pouf.

Spiky Hairstyle

Wow, now your sugary baby boy can embellish stylish spike look when he has good hair of an inch less or more in length. After wetting the hair of your baby, comb his hair beginning from forehead and shifting to the back-end so that his hair will remain straight or haphazard in spike style.

Spiky Hairstyle

You can even use your hands to pull them up from all sides gently, without using any adult gel products. The spike hairstyle is one of the easiest hairstyle you can have for your kid.

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Mohawk Hairstyle

Mohawk happens to be one of the funniest hairstyles in baby boys. Make sure your kids’ hair is grown three inches longer or more than that, which will help in styling mohawk.

Mohawk Hairstyle for kids

 As soon as you get your baby boy’s hair wet, pull his hair with a comb calmly from both sides thus pointing towards the mid of the head. You can also use gel to straighten up so that it doesn’t fall. Avoid adult hair products as it will affect his scalp and hair.

Top Ponytail

Baby girls suit the ponytail style and they look pretty and adorable. You can craft two types of ponies on your little pie after spraying water on the hair. Firstly you can jot your entire baby’s hair and get them in the front. Then tie the ponytail with elastic band as it will fuzz up in any direction.

Secondly if your baby has nice dense hair, you can make a pony on the top of her head which adds to the other two ponies made in the middle of the head, thus both joining with the last pony crafted at the back of the head. Tie those ponies lightly with different elastic bands and keep the last pony at the back fluffy. Your baby will anyhow look amazingly cute in ponies.

All you parents can now experiment the above funny hairstyles on your babies and even capture their wonderful pictures in albums as memory, or frame them on wall.


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