5 Cute Short Haircuts For Rounded Face


Many young girls own round faces which make them look sweet and pretty. Actually from their childhood they have their soft and round baby faces and their dear ones just love pinching their chubby cheeks. But the interesting thing is that their round face doesn’t faint even if they grow older with time. These girls are actually blessed with round shaped faces and shower their charm everywhere they go.

When the girls want to style their hair, they focus on the particular haircut, hair color, the outfit and shoes that they’ll wear, the amount of effort they’ll put in, how they’re feeling at that time and the list is just endless. But they may be a bit hesitant which hairstyle will suit their round face actually!

With little creativity, it has been easy to explore a few of the short hairstyles that look awesome on round shaped girls. Even if they’re having medium or long hair, for a change they may experiment with the cute short haircuts. One cannot forget the round-faced girls with short hairstyles once they’ll notice them. We’ve explained very nicely about the 5 short haircut styles for round faced girls.

Short Haircuts For Rounded Face

Tapered Pixie Haircut For Round Face

Round faced girls shouldn’t fear from cutting their hair short because the tapered pixie hairstyle will bring out the real sugariness in them. The hairstylist with the help of scissors crafts piecey fringes which are matched up with short tapered sides.
tapered pixie
She should keep in mind to create softness around the ears and that too with fingers. Brush or flat iron shouldn’t be used for stiffness. The tapered pixie hair should fall slantingly on the forehead. The main attraction of the round face with this haircut will be your eyes, ears with sparkling earrings, nose, cheeks and lip.

Voluminous Lob Haircut For Round Faces

This new hairstyle may give you a retro feel as it has its own balancing effect. To make your cheeks even more glorifying, the hairdresser on your short hair will craft curls with the help of hot rollers and brush through them to produce their own shape.
lob haircut
The weight should be exerted at the ends of the locks thus increasing the angles next to the jaw-line. A few layers will be set around your neck bottom thus including thickness to your short hair. You can even add light brown color to your hair, especially at your curls.

The Chic Short Haircut For Round Faces

chic short haircut
You will superb in this haircut when the hairdresser will part your hair towards one side deeply. She’ll create a few strands that will hang loose at the front side, thus covering one side of your ears too. You can then fit a headband on the crown of your head thus making you look wonderful.

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Semi-Shaggy And Side Swept Bangs For Round Face

If you have medium or thick density hair this haircut will rightly be appropriate for you. On your short hair the hairstylist will shape your hair into semi-shaggy cut which falls on your forehead in straight and slanting way.
semi shaggy haicuts
Then she’ll create side swept bangs along with them thus covering both your ears. Your hair can be further blow-dried with fingers or big, round brush for bringing more volume. You can add wax or promade to maintain the style.

 Rounded Face In Sassy Ginger Hairstyle

You can attempt for a bob cut if you’re having medium to thick density hair. With the help of a big, round brush the hairdresser will blow dry your hair and will create flippy layers out from the jaw-line around your face and smooth rest hair.
sassy hairstyles
She’ll further craft side swept bangs falling on the forehead and also frames your eyes pleasantly. Lastly she’ll add hairspray or wax/pomade for keeping the hair in place. Hence round faced girls can certainly try out something different with the above stylish short hairstyles which look perfect on them.



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