5 Effective Cures For Frontal Baldness

Cure for frontal baldness As your hair starts thinning, the most affected part that gets the hardest blow becomes the frontal section.  It not only aggravates your tension about how to counter hair loss, but deteriorates your aesthetic appeal as well.  While there have been numerous discussions concerning arresting hair fall, issues regarding how to prevent frontal baldness seems narrower. So, we bring here treatments for frontal hair loss for you.

Methods To Treat Frontal Baldness

Minoxidil Foam

This is one of the most commonly prescribed medicinal emollients used to counter frontal hair loss.  Experts suggest that it should be applied tropically on the affected area of the scalp twice daily, preferably in the morning and evening and massaged gently.

It is highly toxic, so you need to wash off your hand scrupulously after physical contact with the same. The recommended dose is approximately half a cup every time. Although the American medical fraternity believes that it does not cure the problem permanently, it is certainly effective in arresting the same for a temporary period.


This is a recommended medicine for combating frontal baldness.  It is available in the form of tablets and the patients are advised to consume it with or without food, provided that it is taken at a particular time every day.

Cure for frontal baldness

It comprises of a compound known as 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. This counters the action of dihydrotestosterone, a hormone that leads to hair fall by shrinking the hair follicles.  However, this medication is not suitable for women suffering from the same problem.

Scalp Reduction

Cure for frontal baldness

Source : http://www.ahclinics.nl/reconstructieve-haarchirurgie.html

This is a surgical treatment that involves removal of the bald patch in the frontal part by means of operation and replacing it with the portion of the scalp that is filled with hair and contains healthy hair follicles.  This mode of treatment is more or less permanent as baldness will never reappear as long as the hair follicles of the skin remain active.

Hair Transplantation

This is one of the most prominent treatments of frontal hair fall.  Much similar to the method of scalp reduction, this treatment involves minor surgery as well. But, unlike scalp reduction where the whole scalp formation is altered, here healthy hair grafts from different sections of the scalp are identified. Then, they are transplanted to the frontal part of the scalp through surgery. The actively growing hair follicles contained in these scalp tissues are punched into the frontal portion. The number of punches that may be required depends upon the percentage of area covered by frontal baldness. But, this is a permanent method and fully safe too.

Hair Concealer

Although this is a temporary method of covering up the frontal baldness, it is certainly effective when you are in the midst of a treatment where your frontal hair fall is challenging your personality and aesthetic appeal. Application of hair concealer renders a virtual feeling of thickened hair, which hides your baldness effectively.

Cures for frontal baldness

These concealers comprise of certain chemically created fiber strands that multiply the volume of thin hair as well. These hair treatment products are resistant to water and wind. Hence, as you spray them directly on your hair, they will do their job effectively, irrespective of the weather conditions, sweat and perspiration.