5 Elegant And Short Hairstyles For Gray Hair


Believe it or not, but the colour grey is actually the latest head turning colour for hair. With age, it is biologically possible that one may lose the natural colour of their hair and experience the greying of their hair.

But instead of making this a matter of concern, one should go with the glamourous aspect of possessing grey or silver hair which when styled properly can make a woman look extremely flattering and chic. Grey hair looks sophisticated and graceful at any age provided it is maintained carefully. Here are five elegant and short hairstyles that look pretty on grey hair.

Attractive Hairstyles For Gray Hair

The Layered And Lifted Look

This look is elegant yet stylish at the same time and adds grace to the face as the cut of the face is enhanced by really short layers surrounding it. Back comb your hair and blow-dry it to achieve a soft layered look using a round styling hair brush. Use a misty hairspray to complete the look and hold the layers in place.

The Soft Curls

The soft curls look great on any hue or any length of hair. These curls especially look good on women above their 50’s as they soften the face and hence are capable of taking years off one’s look. Women who do not possess natural curls can artificially curl their hair using a curler.

soft curls

Comb your hair and with a curler, curl the ends of your hair taking separate sections of it in your hand and curling it, to achieve perfectly round curls all over your head. Hold these curls in place by applying a good hairspray and hence complete the look.

The Sleek Bob

The sleek bob already makes quite a powerful statement when worn by women at formal dinners and events. This bob when sported by women having grey hair exudes all the more power and class and looks fabulous especially on short straight hair. If you do not possess naturally straight hair, straighten it by means of a straightener.

sleek bob

This bob may be short angled when it is long and tapering at the front and short at the back or it can also be simple bob with the same length of hair all around the face and bangs covering the forehead.

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The Pixie Haircut

The pixie haircut is fun and flirty and requires very low maintenance by the wearer. This style is a good choice for women who have thin hair as this cut adds spunk to one’s look.

Pixie Haircut

One look can be a short hair cut with hair brushed forward towards the forehead .Another look can be adorned with sharp spikes with short hair. Use hair gel to keep the spikes in place.

The Long Uneven Bangs

This short hair cut is defined by the wispy and uneven bangs which will draw attention to your neck, eyes and face. This style also minimizes a broad forehead. This style looks gorgeous and feminine as these bangs can be side swept or placed messily across the forehead.

uneven bangs

For side swept bangs, one can add colour by pinning the bangs to one side using a colourful hair clips. You can also use lovely bows and head bands on your short hair to make the greys look all the more pretty and youthful.