5 Elegant Winter Hairstyles

Formal Long Straight Hairstyles

The winter chills and harsh winds cannot deter a woman’s spirits from trying and experimenting newer looks with her clothing and makeup. Hairstyle is an integral part of her makeup which also changes with the change in season. While beachy waves, intricate braided updos and sun kissed highlights ruled the summers, winter days have their own trends and styles for a fashionista.

However, the fact cannot be ruled out that the hair demands extra care in winters. But with good hair care and using the right tools for styling, you can create stylish and versatile hairstyles in winter. It is important to keep the hair healthy. While the hairstyles were detailed in summers, winter calls for simplicity and unfussiness in its hair styling. Check out these simple yet elegant hairstyles for winters.

Stylish Winter Hairstyles

Sleek Ponytails

Ponytails can never go out of fashion. But winter is all about simplicity and minimalism. So style your hair with a sleek, shiny low ponytail. You can have center part or deep side part.

sleek ponytail

If you have very long hair a high pony will look as elegant. Grab a tiny section of hair and tie it around the elastic band. You can bring in some variations to your regular ponytail like a knotted pony or a side ponytail.

Bob With Fringe

Bobs are perfect hairstyles for short hair. Give a touch of chic style to your classic bob hairstyle with perfect fringes covering your forehead. Shade these fringes and the hair touching your chin with glossy brown or purple highlights.

bobs with fringes

If your hair is bit longer then opt for one of the trendiest lob haircuts. Keep the longer hair in the front and graduated shorter hair at the back.


Braids are not just for summer, they are a favorite in colder months too. Braids range from simple thin strands to elaborate complicated updos. For winters, sleek braids can be worn in different ways; a braided hair band, a French braid across the hairline or a braided ponytail. For your long and straight hair a waterfall braid looks awesome and flattering.


Another simple braided hairstyle is to part your hair side ways and take a small section from the minor part and tightly braid up to the back.  French braid a thin section of hair just near the hairline and tightly braid back and secure both the braids using bobby pins. You can let your hair straight or curl them for soft waves.

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Wavy Hairstyles

Wavy Thick Hair

Waves are one of the preferred styles for winter for mid-length and long hair. The shiny curls and waves look flattering while the top section is pulled back and secured at the back. You can also bring the waves to one side with beautiful fringes or bangs swept across the forehead.

Sleek Super Straight Hair

Last but not the least sporting a sleek and super straight hair is hot and elegant for a winter hairstyle. Those with longer hair can attempt this hairstyle.

Long and Straight hairstyle

If you don’t want to keep it straight and simple, you can add a bit of twist to your simple yet stylish hair. Instead of center part, take a side part and leave the side swept hair loose. Pull one section of the hair from the left and secure it underneath the layers.