5 Evergreen Vintage Hairstyles

Old is gold! And the world of fashion would swear by this saying. Every now and then, we see old trends resurging back with a bang. The world of hairstyles isn’t far behind in this. If you are planning to sport an exclusive look this evening, try looking back in the past. Chances are, you will have more than enough options.

The vintage look never goes out of fashion and it always works safe. They work with almost all the outfits. These hairstyles have always interested different generations. Read on to find out more about the 5 evergreen vintage hairstyles.

Popular Vintage Hairstyles

Flowing Sideway Hair

This one is probably easiest vintage style to adopt. It is best suited for medium to long hair. Comb all your hair to one side by turning it onto any one side of your head and clip it together. Use a little spray to hold your hair in one place.

Flowing Sideway Hair women

The best accessory to go with this one would be a colourful real flower, worn on the other side. Don’t forget to put your hair onto one side of your shoulder and you are ready with flowing sideway hair.

Milkmaid Braids

Remember that old milkmaid’s pictures with two braids tied up. This look is just the same. Part your hair clearly and tie it into two braids. Fold them up and take towards the back of your head. Clip it with the pins in a way forming the ‘U’ shape.

Milkmaid Hairstyle

To throw in some today’s style; add bangs to your hair. This vintage style renders a very sweet look. You could also use a tiara behind your bangs to get that perfect vintage style. It doesn’t just up your style quotient but is easy on maintenance also.

Soft Waves

Soft waves are for those with short hair. Use a curler to curl the front of your hair into soft waves. You must get two-three curls in a row, making it look more like a wave.

waves and curls

This could be an ideal vintage style for people with natural curly hair. Studded side clips look great with this style. The best part about this look is that it goes equally well with casuals and party wear.

High Twice-bound Pony

This one is probably the quickest one to sport. Tie a high pony and bind it with a hair band that somewhat matches your hair colour. Brush your pony once again and tie another band a  few inches below the first one. You could tie it right at the midway and you are ready with a cool college girl vintage look. Make sure your second band is bright and easily spotted.

Bandana Bun

Tie your hair into a loose bun, rendering it a messy look. Now invest in a colourful bandana and take it below your hair, covering your bun from down. Tie it into a knot right at the crown of your hair. This is the perfect vintage look for sunny days.

Bandana Bun

It’s best suited for people with voluminous hair to be able to hold the bandana in place. You could opt for bright bandana colours like yellow, red, green. Always use a bandana that either contrasts your clothes or matches with your shoes, belt or bag.