5 Excellent Ideas For Pageboy Hairstyle

Pageboy hairstyle has been one of the popular looks since 1900s during which time Bettie Page, the Queen of Pin-ups, wore her famous bangs. Even though it is a simple hairstyle the allure it inspires never wore off and you can find many a celebrity with it in one form or another.

You don’t have to be a lover of vintage lifestyle or owner of a perfect curvy body to successfully flaunt the hairstyle. In fact, there are so many contemporary variations that will suit any kind of body type and face shape that you will have one more reason to be proud of yourself after getting your hair done. Here are some of them, including the vintage one.

Best Pageboy Hairstyles

Vintage Pageboy

Most of vintage hairstyles require thick voluminous hair that is aligned and can be neatly combed. If you are mathematical you can imagine the haircut as an ellipse with one of its foci at the top of your head and the nearest curve at your forehead, the farthest being at the back of your neck.

Vintage Pageboy

To get the vintage look, comb and part your hair neatly on the left side and curve the tip of your hair inward on either side. Go ahead and put thick mascara and long eyelashes along with some good old fashioned lip color.

Pageboy Bob

The best way to get the look of a high fashion chic is to get a pageboy bob. Almost every celebrity known has sported this look at least once in their fashionable lifestyle.

Pageboy Bob

Have your hair dyed your favorite hair color and let the thick straight blunt bob change your look and your life for good.

Asymmetric Pageboy

If you are not satisfied with the regular looks and need something more whacky try the asymmetric version of pageboy. One way to get the asymmetric look is to have the right side of your hair at a lower level than the left side. And if you are feeling even more whacky then try getting the level at your back up and the level at your front down.

Pageboy Flip

Feeling quite retro at the moment? Try flipping the pageboy style. This hairstyle usually requires you to have a bob with blunt bangs to work.

Pageboy Flip

All you have to do is curl the tips of your bob either totally upwards or horizontally to get the pageboy flip hairstyle. Pair it up with a retro looking gown, a wrist watch, good nail color, a small pearl necklace, matching pumps and you are ready to go.

Pageboy Fringe

Pageboy fringe is nothing but having straight blunt bangs with any length or style of hair you have. To add more variety to it, you can try styling your hair in many different ways depending on your face shape.

Try having a layered cut along with the bangs, a blunt cut or even curls at the tips. If not the whole hair, you can instead try varying the lengths of your bangs. Wear them long enough to lightly touch your eyelashes or just a little above your eyebrows.

Athena Manchi