5 Hairstyles For Plus Size Women

For women with a plus size figure choosing the right hairstyle is important as it allows you to make your face slimmer and hides its chubbiness. These hairstyles aim at offering a flattering look to your appearance and enhance your facial features. Choose the best hair styles after knowing the hair texture and type.

It is essential as it would change the way a hairstyle would look on you. Do you want to look great every day in spite of the plus size figure? Then opt for the prefect hairstyle that will suit you. Whether you have short, long or medium hair, these hairstyles always look beautiful. To know about the various hairstyles that will suit you, read this article further as this is going to reveal some of the best hairstyles for plus size women.

Top Hairstyles For Plus Size Women

Layered Hairstyles

You can opt for long and choppy layers as these help you divert attention from your face. You can cut short layers just below your chin as it will help you make your face look slimmer.

Layered Hairstyle for plus size women

If you wish to hide the side bulges in your face, then the layered hairstyle is an excellent choice. You can wear this hairstyle with a side parted look or mid parted style.

Short And Fringy Hairstyle

Women with fuller figure would usually have fuller round faces and this hairstyle would help you reduce the roundness and the plumpness of your face.

fringy hairstyle

Create wisps along the edges of your head and create a side part which will help you deviate the chubby look of your face. You can also try to color it with some solid hair colors for a different look.

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Cheek Bangs With Layers

This hairstyle includes layers around the face beginning from the chin, which would make your face look charming and cute. Pair cheek bang hairstyle with highlights as it will divert the attention from your face to your hair color. This is especially good when you have a problematic neck, jaw and chin. This hairstyle is very popular among other hairstyles for plus size women.

Curly Pixie Hairstyle

Even though very short hairstyles are not very good choice for full figured ladies, this hairstyle is an exception. If you have very thick and curly hair, then this curly pixie would look good on you. This hairstyle would offer good attention to your eyes and cheekbones and will deviate the attention off your jaw line or puffy neck.

Medium Length Shag Hairstyle

If you have shoulder length hairstyle, then this hairstyle is the best for you. This is one among the popular hairstyles for plus size women. This hairstyle has a messy feeling with layers, which can be styled based on your preference.

Medium Length Shag Hairstyle

This shaggy hairstyle has lot of layers that offer additional volume while having few layers would offer a sophisticated look. If you have a wide forehead, then try having side swept bangs. You can also create flips with curly ends and diminish the chubby look of your face. If your face is slightly wider, then this hairstyle is the right choice.

Joyeeta Bose