5 Interesting Ideas For Anime Hairstyles

Whether you are going to attend an anime cosplay or want an everyday appearance, there is nothing else that gives the zing than living your favorite character. Considering the sometimes gravity defying nature and mostly bizarre colors, you have to be a real hardcore anime fan to even brave wearing any of the hairstyles.

From ice cold electric blue to hot reddish pink anime hairstyles range from this extreme to that extreme. To some it is a fetish, to some it is a dream, to some it is chance to experience a different personality and to some it is just plain fun. Whichever is your reason, here are some interesting ideas for anime hairstyles.

Different Anime Hairstyles Ideas

Extra Long Dyed Hair

There are many anime characters that have beautiful flowing hair like Yuuko Ichihara with pitch black long hair almost to her knees with blunt bangs or Black Rock Shooter with her long raven black ponytails. You can also try dying your long hair silver blonde or complete white.

Extra Long Dyed Hair

Other hair colors that are seen more on anime are, but not limited to, bubblegum pink, green, maroon or dark red, blonde, dirty blonde, white and black. To add variety you can curl them up, wear them as long ponytails knotted at the top, have bangs or make thick plaits.

Lengthy Colorful Spikes

The distinguishing factor for anime hairstyles from normal hairstyles is their unusual colors. Choose your favorite color and don’t worry even if it’s utterly bright or absurd. Dye your hair and style it as spikes with the usual hairstyling products.

Spikes look great if you have a short hair with a fleecy cut. Even if you have a long or medium length hair, you can try giving a fleecy cut to the hair in the midsection of your scalp and spike that part. You can also try dyeing only certain areas of your hair if you are feeling creative or try directing all the spikes upward, backward or to a single side.

Exaggerated Curls

Curly hairstyles are featured on anime quite often. Some hairstyles have lengthy voluminous straight hair with a few curls at the end and there are even anime with bushy and messy curly hair.

Exaggerated Curls

If you need a truly anime experience, try exaggerated curls like characters with hair that curls almost like a ribbon from their head to their knees.

Cute Chibi Hairstyles

If you are a Chibi anime lover and are always exploding your heart out at everything cute and sweet then get yourself a Chibi hairstyle.

Cute Chibi Hairstyle

Though they are not any different from normal anime hairstyles, they are different in the sense that the hair is thick and their hairstyles bigger than the size of their body. If you find it difficult to style your hair that way go ahead and get a wig. Don’t forget to make sure a few strands of hair are standing up at the middle of your head.

Silky Straight Fleecy Hair

Dye your hair any color you like or leave the dyeing part out if you like your original hair color better. Straighten and style it to get a soft and fleecy feel. You can cut it into a bob if you have short hair or leave it as it is.

Athena Manchi