5 Medium Shaggy Layered Hairstyles

Medium Shaggy Layered Hairstyles

Shaggy hair has several advantages in that it makes a face look thinner. This kind of hairstyle is achieved by sectioning the hair and cutting it into varying layers. This style looks good on all lengths of hair, but the best appearance is achieved on medium length hair. It is very easy to go wrong with medium shaggy layered hairstyles, but when they are executed properly they add a touch of style to any face.

There are different types of shaggy layered hairstyles that you can try with your medium hair. If you are willing to know about them, then just go through this article as this article will help you know about 5 best shaggy layered styles for medium hair.

Medium Shaggy Layered Hairstyles

Messy Shag

Messy shag looks sleek and is easy to wear. However, this hairstyle is not meant for formal occasions. It adds height to your person and adds volume to your hair. This style is very versatile and easy to manage. The hair is cut to shoulder length and different lengths of layers are added to create texture.

Messy shag

You can also include bangs in this hair style especially if you have an oval face. You can piece apart layers around the head with a styling product like a mild hold hairspray. This will become one of the more dramatic medium shaggy layered hairstyles.

Graduated Shaggy Bob

This kind of a haircut can be cut into medium as well as short hair lengths. This look is achieved by cutting the length of the hair shorter at the back of the head and then gradually increasing the length and making it sleeker towards the front of the face.

Graduated shaggy bob

The shaggy short layers at the back of the head create volume and texture. This hairstyle makes the neck appear thinner and longer and softens the chin line. This is the reason that this hairstyle looks very feminine.

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Ponytail With A Puff

This hairstyle adds height to the forehead and makes the shaggy hairstyle appear more formal. For creating this hairstyle, you can spray the hair on the front and of your head with a mild holding hair spray.

Ponytail with a puff

Scrunch the hair by combing backwards till the hair becomes puffed up. Use hairpins to secure the puff on the top of the head. The remaining hair should be combed and tied into a ponytail with a rubber band. This is one of the formal medium shaggy layered hairstyles.

Braided Shag

Separate a portion of hair on the front of the head. Use curling irons to create gentle curls in this hair. Start braiding the hair from one ear to the other and secure it at the other end with a hairpin.

Braided shag

For adding an accent to this hairstyle, you can add a satin ribbon to the braid. This will look like a stylized hair band while the remaining hair can be left loose.

Side Swept Bun

This hairstyle can be adopted when you want your hair out of the way and neatly secured. This hairstyle will add an accent to your shoulder and collar bone. Comb all your hair to one side and create a side parting.

Side bun

Make a bun with the hair on the side of the head. Some hair will remain hanging loose on the other side creating an interesting look. This is another one of the medium shaggy layered hairstyles that will look good on any face.

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