5 Perfect Hairstyles For Fat Faces


Hairstyle plays a prominent part in one’s personality. It is, in a way, an extension of one’s self and adds immensely to a women’s femininity. Different face cuts highlight different features and hence need different hairstyles. People with fat faces often make mistakes with their hairstyles and end up looking even fatter.

People with a fat face should get a hairstyle that draws away the attention from the roundness of one’s face. The sides of the hair should remain close to the face. This helps slim the face down. Read on to find out the 5 perfect hairstyles for people with fat faces.

Amazing Hairstyles For Fat Faces

Super Long Hair

Long hair always makes a woman look gorgeous. It helps deflect the roundness by giving an illusion of length to the face. Straight hair doesn’t add volume to the sides.

long hair of fat face woman

For people who don’t like plain long hair, a good way of adding style is by going in for layers. But make sure that the shortest layer starts right at your collarbone. This will prevent your hair from falling flat. The shortest layer should fall up to chin but sure not above it.

Shoulder Length

This hairstyle can never go wrong on any fat face. It looks flattering on such a person and also adds style to his personality. However, care must be taken to not add too much of hair locks to the sides of the face.

Shoulder Length hair of fat face woman

Either straighten your hair with the use of a ironing rod or have layers thrown in a way that they help weigh the sides down. You can also use some hair colour on a few strands of hair as this will help divide the attention between your face and coloured locks and also add style to your looks.

Side-swept Or Angled Bangs

Bangs are huge this season. They don’t just render a more chic look to any face but also help add an angle. Hence creating a more angular face cut. This illusion averts roundness in any face. But make sure that the bang is graphic, curved and thick. The width of the bang should avoid shortening the face.


Curls go great as far as round faces are concerned. But here again, the idea is to make the face look slimmer. One must make sure that the curls begin at the lips and below. The crown area can be straightened out with the help of a straightener.

curls on fat face woman

For people with natural curls, they must thin out their hair at the sides by going in for layers. This will help control the fullness that curls add to a naturally round face. One could also add curls over the crown area leaving the rest of the hair as it is, creating an illusion of length

Mix Of Lengths

An uneven cut with a mix of different lengths looks great on a round face. The reason behind it is that it doesn’t give one’s face a specific shape and that’s exactly how it deflects the roundness. This style can either be worn straight or in curls. Again the layers should start past your chin.