5 Things To Know While Choosing Prom Hairstyle

Choosing Prom Hairstyle The hairstyle you choose for your prom is often one of the most important things that determine your look. Though a number of people overlook the process of selecting a prom hairstyle, it is an integral part of your attire and highlights your personality to its best. Your hairstyle must complement the dress you wear and also match the accessories that you have selected to adorn on the night.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Prom Hairstyle

A prom hairstyle is selected by all after carefully considering a number of factors. It might seem basic but it is an important aspect and here are five of the most important aspects that need to be considered while selecting a prom hairstyle:

What Kind of Dress Are You Wearing on the Prom Night?

Your hairstyle must complement the dress without overpowering it. So, pick a dress that matches the style of your hair – for instance, if you are opting for a semi-formal relaxed looking dress then it makes more sense to opt for a bohemian or a messy look. But if you are wearing a classic looking gown then you must consider wearing your hair in a more traditional way and go for elegant looking ballerina buns or chignons.

If you are wearing something more contemporary then an edgier hairdo would be much better. That is not all! The dress neckline is something that needs to be considered too! If you are going for the bold and strapless gown then wear your hair down as high buns might make your neck look bare. Also, if you are wearing a halter neck then high updos are a good idea.

What kind of Weather are you Expecting?

A hairstyle is often determined by the weather; so, if the weather is hot and humid you would want to go for a style that is sleek and clean and keeps your nape clean and non sticky.

things to know while choose prom hairstyle

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Also, if there is a chance of rain then it is best to keep a messy look to counter the after effects of wet hair. In case you have a frizz prone strands then avoid a sleep updo if the weather is humid.

What shape is your Face?

Not all hairstyles suit every face shape. You must understand what suits you and what does not before you can finalize a hairstyle for the prom. For example, high updos are good for round faces as it lengthens the shape but if you have long face then low buns and chignons are best. Also, round face people can carry tendrils better as it shapes the face and makes it look less round.

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How Long is Your Hair?

This is an important aspect that often is the deciding factor while choosing hairstyles. If you have short hair then you might have to let go off the idea of wearing a French twist for the prom. But if you are determined, then check into extensions and enhance the length of the hair.

What Kind of Hair Texture do you have?

If your hair is slippery and does not hold curls easily then you might have to opt for a hairstyle that requires no waves and minimizes the use of hot curling iron. Similarly, if your hair is frizzy and damaged then using too much of styling products and tools might make it look more frizzy. In such cases stay away from complicated styling and keep it simple and easy.

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