5 Tips On How To Regrow Hair Naturally

hair regrowth Hair loss be it in men or women, it looks absolutely horrible. It can give us sleepless nights back to back. If you are facing something like this, we know and understand your pain.

So, we are here to share some tips which can help you regrow hair using natural products. But, please try these tips with a word of caution, as these tips are natural and might take some time to reflect.

Natural Ways To Regrow Hair 

Nutrition Intake

Make sure your diet has all the necessary nutrients required for a healthy scalp and good quality hair and most of the time we ignore the nutrients in our food. But if we alter the diet and include some of the much needed nutrients we can have healthy hair. Carefully monitor the intake of barbeque, fried chops and ham, they are tasty but are not good for hair growth. Your body needs protein and for its speedy digestion you need linolenic acid, increase the consumption of olive oil and vegetable oil in food, only if you are consuming them in less quantity.

Importance Of Protein

Protein is pivotal for hair growth. If you really want to know how to regrow hair naturally, then make your diet protein rich. Hair is composed of keratin; in fact it is 100% made of keratin which is a type of protein that gives strength to hair strands.


If your body has less keratin then your hair will be dull. Eat food with rich protein content like poultry, eggs, chicken, red meat and fish.

Significance Of Essential Oils

You should also try a combination of essential oils and apply directly to the scalp. In this way, essential oils will nourish your scalp leading to healthy hair.

Massage With Oil

Essential oils like cedar, thyme, rosemary and lavender are very good for hair growth. It has been proved that when these oils are applied to the scalp area, it leads to follicle stimulation and better circulation. You can get these oils from any general department store.

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Now you don’t have to pull your hair with dumbbells or exercise rods. All you have to do is maintain a healthy lifestyle by doing exercise. It is the most natural way to improve the hair growth.

regular exercise

Many people wonder about how to regrow hair naturally. This, my friend, is a fun and effective way with no side effects at all. It is said that when the blood flow increases to the scalp then automatically your hair will grow faster.

Drink Lots Of Water And Reduce Alcohol Intake

Experts say that water intake is excellent for hair growth. It has been scientifically proved that water is one of the components of the hair shaft. Hence, it is advised to drink lots of water and maintain good level of water in the body.

Include Plenty of Water

Also, you must check the intake of alcohol; experts have revealed that alcohol actually reduces the growth of hair. You can have alcohol but just keep a check on the intake.


Natural ways are the best ways to regrow hair. So if someone asks you how to regrow hair naturally, share these tips with him or her. Also, maintain a healthy lifestyle and you will see your hair growing. Go slow with those artificial products for hair and use natural and fresh products. Your kitchen can give you fabulous recipes for hair growth.