5 Top Casual Hairstyles

Hair is the special possession of every girl as they make sure it doesn’t gets harmed in any way, neither in summer, rain or windy weather. At the same time they are just too curious to flaunt their hair soon after they visit the parlor with a new trendy style. They capture the eyeballs of their loved ones and also show off their extra doze of smile and laughter.

Are you one of them who are thinking of trying any fashionable hairstyles? Then casual hairstyles are here for you which are fun-to-implement with and exhibit your stylish charm. Casual hairstyles can be applied on long, medium, short or straight hair. But keep in mind to opt this hairstyle as per your features. Well in this case anybody can select the casual hairstyle. You can even highlight your casual hair with distinct color shades. We’re ready to tell you about 5 wonderful casual hairstyles.

Popular Casual Hairstyles

Short Wavy Casual Hairstyle

Short Wavy Casual Hairstyle

Girls can handle this hairstyle easily as it has the ability to make its own way. It hardly takes time to settle with the short wavy hairstyle as it mainly requires a few skills such as finger drying, ruffling and scrunch drying. If the consistency of your hair is wavy then this haircut is perfect with your hair thus expanding by its own with waves forming at the back end.

Medium Straight Casual Hairstyle

You can acquire this hairstyle at any time of the day, be it outdoor, home or party with friends. You can manage the hairstyle easily and effortlessly as it flows with no trouble. If you have straight hair the hairstyle works wonders. You can implement different hairstyles including razor cuts, precision cuts, varying layer cuts and one length looks.

Medium Straight Casual Hairstyle

In the medium straight hairstyle your hair is dragged at the back and side hair just falls on both sides of the shoulders. You can pull a few hairs falling on one side of the forehead. But you’ll certainly look the best in this hairstyle.

Long Curly Casual Hairstyle

This hairstyle will look awesome on girls as they can leave it, to fall, in a carefree way. You can inherit the soft hairstyle on any event and any time. These have distinct ranges of hairstyles including one length looks, graduated layers and long below shoulders.

curly hair care

The hairstylist crafts curls and thus styles them with liquid gels and mouses so that the hair remains in place. The curly hair falls loosely on your back just touching till your shoulders. You can even tie up the curly casual hairstyle hence giving flexibility.

Updo Long Straight Casual Hairstyle

Girls can attempt this simple updo long straight casual hairstyle at any time of the day, whether you’re attending work, interviews, any occasion or just at home relaxing. There are variations in this hairstyle comprising of flat gelled-down styles, piecey face-framing and smooth hairstyles.

Updo Long Straight Casual Hairstyle

You can keep these updo kinds intact in position as you can pin, tie, gel, brush and lacquer uniquely. The styling of the hair can take 10 minutes to almost 45 minutes long period. Few hairs falls straight covering your forehead and the rest of the hair can be dragged at the back as you can tie the hair with a rubber band.

Updo Medium Curly Medium Hairstyle

You can always keep this hairstyle loosely. The variations of the hairstyle include soft-face framed with hair falling down in pieces and also tied back pulled up twirls. You can curl up, pin, tease and tie these hairstyle variations and then gel and wax to keep it even. You may need 10 minutes for those with normal curly hair and almost one hour and 30 minutes time if you’re using curlers to curl your hair.

Hence all the girls can look super pretty with the above casual hairstyles.


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