5 Top Medium Layered Hairstyles

Curly Couture Medium Layered Hairstyle1

Girls definitely love to try out different styling options and gain a distinct look in any season. They keep on experimenting new hairstyles every six months or so. Medium length hair is not only comfortable to manage but they can also keep it clean and tidy too. The appearance of the layered locks will look even more graceful on the medium hair. Variety of layered hairstyles will add an extra sparkle making you more beautiful.

Women in any age group with medium hair can wear the layered style as they can include volume, shape and consistency. You can catch up with partial up do, curls, layered bangs or you can even color your hair with distinct colors if you’re hanging up for parties. If the girls have thick medium length hair, the layered style will make their hair soft and lively with cool flimsy pieces shaped throughout the hair. Therefore we’ve listed top 4 medium layered hairstyles for all the pretty girls.

Medium Layered Hairstyles For Women

Curly Couture Medium Layered Hairstyle

Girls with any face shape can adapt this hairstyle, leaving aside heart-face shaped girls and the haircut will be most appropriate for the curly haired girls. In order to craft the curly couture they have to take the help of mousse and a diffuser till the hair goes dry. Then they can hairspray the layers if they want.

Curly Couture Medium Layered Hairstyle

If they do not have curls they can curl up their hair in couture style with spiral curling iron. But they need to have patience as it will take a long time to set up the hairstyle. Here the hair is side-parted as the curls fall on both sides of the head. A cheesy smile will make the girls even more gorgeous.

Sweeping Medium Layered Hairstyle

Girls will look nice in the sweeping apart style as it will fit to every face shape but not long oval faces. After wetting the hair, the hairdresser has to part her hair from the mid portion. With the help of a paddle brush she will blow-dry her hair completely. Half of your hair will be clipped as it is pulled with round brush.

Sweeping Medium Layered Hairstyle

Steadily as the hair dries the hair will smoothen. With 1 and 1/2 inch curling iron the hairdresser will create bangs by curling at the back and also siding from the face. The long flippy bangs to the sweeping style make them more stylish. You can also blow-dry so that more consistency will be added to the hair.

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Blonde Shag Medium Layered Hairstyle

The oval-faced girls will look superb in the blonde shag layered hairstyle because of the side partition and jaw-line layers. The thick haired girls can also stick to this style and it appears great when the hair is straighter. With paddle brush the hairdresser will blow-dry the hair smoothly.

Blonde Shag Medium Layered Hairstyle

Then the bangs will be created with flat iron and made more even. Layers are shaped to add more consistency to the hair by teasing the crown along with some height and blonde color highlights are crafted for dazzling element. As per your liking you can hair-spray your hair too and look glamorous.

Bohemian Chic Medium Layered Hairstyle

Bohemian style will look rocking on girls with long oval faces. Those with thin to thick hair will appear perfect with wavy consistency. The hairdresser after blow-drying your hair will create bangs by pulling from far back side and also deep side partition in order to craft complete bangs. These bangs will not only shape your face but also the hair will appear full in texture. Large curls can be created with the help of one and half inch sized iron along with in-depth layers.

Tapered Curly Layered Hairstyle

This hairstyle will look amazing on pretty girls as the curls will have a fun-loving appearance on every face shape. The hairdresser uses the hot rollers to curl up your hair added with tapered layers which falls around the face and your shoulders.

Tapered Curly Layered Hairstyle

When it cools down you can take out the rollers and lightly brush the hair as it is covered with bouncy curls. Hence try out the best suitable layered hairstyles on your medium length hair.


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