6 Amazing Emo Hairstyles For Short Hair


Emo hairstyles are the most trendiest and edgy hairstyles of teen girls and boys today. They are also the cool and funky way to show off their bold personality. Emo hairstyles feature asymmetrical and heavy bangs and layers, vibrant hues, unimaginable cuts and of course extreme makeup.

Lots and lots of emo hairstyles are getting popularized everyday. Girls have umpteen options to choose from depending on their hair lengths. Short emo hairstyles are equally flattering and attractive compared with the longer ones. They are easy and manageable too. Here are some of the best options of emo hairstyles to choose from for your short hair.

Stylish Emo Hairstyles For Short Hair

Spiky Emo For Short Hair

Spikes always add an edgy look to your hair. Emo hairstyles with spiky layers are dashing and funky. There are many ways in which you can add spikes to your emo hairstyle on short hair.

spiky emo hairstyles

You can create spikes at the top and back with soft bangs in the front which fall on the sides covering your chin and half of your face. If your hair is too short go for an all spiky look throughout. Highlight the spikes with interesting colors.

Vibrant Hues

Add a spark to your stylish emo hairstyle with some vibrant and bold colors. Opt for your favorite emo hair cut and experiment with bold and eye-catching colors.

Vibrant Hues

Cherry chunks, exotic purple fringes and streaks, aqua blue curls and neon highlights are the favorites among teens. You can also go for the classic glossy brown and dark red colors.

Soft Bangs For A Nerdy Look

Don’t wish to sport an extreme fashion? Don’t worry, there are short emo hairstyles for shy and geeky ones like you. Go for soft and straight bangs without any spikes and crazy colors. Get into a coolest nerdy look with deep side part and soft bangs sweeping your forehead. Don’t forget to add a perfect pair of nerdy glasses to complete the look.

Heavy Fringes On Forehead

This is one of the stylish ways of hiding your large forehead. Cut uneven layers at the back. Create a volume on the top by teasing your hair.
Heavy Fringes
Now create heavy fringes on the forehead which not only cover your forehead but go past your eyes. The lazor cut slanted fringes with pokey ends look chic and edgy.

Asymmetrical Layers

Asymmetrical layers are the very obvious characteristics of emo hairstyles. Add an extra zing to your hair as well as your personality with unimaginable layers.
Asymmetrical Layers2
Uneven layers are perfect to reduce the roundness of your face. For short hair asymmetrical layers add volume and give an illusion of fullness.

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Emo Pixie Hairstyle

If your hair is too short, still you can sport a funky emo hairstyle with a pixie haircut. Emo pixie haircut looks fabulous with any hair type and face shape.

Emo Pixie Hairstyle

Cut the hair at the back to a very short length and create a volume at the crown. Go for a messy pixie with choppy layers and uneven bangs. Add a glam factor to your tresses with radiant highlights.