6 Benefits Of Egg Yolk On Hair

Egg Yolk

6 Benefits Of Egg Yolk On HairBesides being a very nutritional diet ingredient, eggs have benefits for the hair too. It is a natural remedy for various hair problems especially dry and damaged hair. Vitamins A,D and E are the main nutrients that are vital for hair growth and maintenance and egg yolks have these in abundance. Egg yolks also protect the hair from UV Rays, pollution and ill effects of chlorine and improve hair health, texture and sheen.

Using the products available in the market alone is not a permanent cure for the problems related to hair. It is limited up to the period one is using them. Egg yolk alone or in combination with egg white, oils, yogurt and/or honey works magically on hair and is safe and inexpensive at the same time. A few nourishing values of egg yolk are listed.

Benefits Of Egg Yolk On Hair

Moisturizes Hair

Styling the hair often leaves the hair dry and rough. It damages the pores of the hair due to excessive heat if straighteners, curlers and irons.

Moisturizes Hair

The dryness caused due to lack of moisture in hair gets cured by the application of egg yolk. Rough and frizzy hairs get moisturized into silky and smooth locks as yolk has hydrating properties.

Strengthens The Roots

Like our body, our hair also needs the necessary vitamins, minerals and proteins to be strong and healthy. Egg Yolk has very high protein content. The application of yolk in combination with oil or yogurt on the scalp makes hair follicles strong and adds strength to the hair.

Repairs And Prevents Damages

Split ends, dullness, gummy hair, dryness near the hair approaching the tips are a few hair problems that leave the hair damaged beyond repair. However, these can be treated through application of egg yolk religiously.

Damaged Hair

Care should be taken that whatever products are used on hair should be for the concerned damage. Besides that, the nutrients in egg yolk repair damaged hair, brittle hair and prevent hair breakage.

Fights Hair Fall

Vitamin A and E present in the yolk controls hair fall and deals with problems related to hair loss well. Thinning of hair is another problem as the follicles become weak.

Hair Fall

Continuous brushing and combing mat also heave the hair broken. Yolk helps in sebum production which prevents these damages that are said to be one of the major causes of hair fall.

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Facilitates Hair Growth

Chemical based products, dust, dirt, UV rays of the sun, affect the growth of the hair. There are several different groups of vitamin B present in egg yolk which increase the supply of oxygen to hair and improve circulation. Vitamin B12 and Sulphur of an egg’s yolk helps the hair grow faster. It helps achieve thicker hair and increases volume manifold.

Makes Hair Soft And Shiny

Repeated exposure to sun and winds leave the hair unmanageable and frizzy. Fatty Acid content brings back natural shine and lustre to the hair.

Shiny Hair

It also happens that washing the hair with hard water leaves the hair dry. Frizzy and unmanageable hair becomes manageable easily through the application of egg yolk.