6 Best Hair Care Tips For Damaged Hair


Hair care for damaged hairLast month, I came back home for holidays after spending two months in hostel and my Mom was totally shocked seeing my hair so badly damaged. In fact, she scolded me for not taking care of my hair!!! They were entangling even after a minute of brushing.

Dry and damaged hair is a common problem for many people and this is mainly due to ignorance. Damaged hair means cracked, roughened, chipped and worn off hair cuticles.Here Are The Best Rated Hair Care Tips My Mom Gave Me To Get Smooth And Beautiful Hair

Tips To Care For Damaged Hair

Protect Your Hair From Heat

As hairstyles with straight hair is a fashion statement these days, many girls with wavy hair use straightener and dryer on daily basis. Even girls with already straight hair use curling iron and hot curlers. Straightening and curling is done by applying a lot of heat directly to hair which results in damage, frizz and split ends.

Well, every girl has the right to look beautiful, but not at the cost of damage. So, it is recommended that you apply hair resistant serums before using straightener or dryer. This helps a lot in protecting your hair from severe heat. Also, use straightener with ceramic plates as it causes less damage.

Avoid Shampoo Too Often

Avoid shampooing your hair daily as it can remove natural protecting oils leaving just dry and damaged hair. My mom told me to shampoo and condition after every two days.

Hair care for damaged hair

And apply almond oil at least 6 hours before shampoo. If you have oily hair, then you can shampoo every other day. Use one specially made for your hair type. If you exercise daily and sweat a lot then you can wash your hair only with water and apply shampoo every alternate day.

Apply Serum

Damaged hair care also includes application of light weight serum after shampooing and conditioning as it helps in making hair smooth and shiny by adding moisture.

Vinegar Solution For Hair Wash

Damaged hair

Vinegar is an excellent hair smoothing agent. My Mom used to prepare vinegar wash by mixing three spoons of vinegar in 1 litre of water. After applying shampoo and conditioner, rinse your hair with vinegar wash.

Egg And Curd – A Miracle For Hair!!!

Nothing can beat egg and curd. Prepare a mixture of two eggs and curd and apply on hair for one hr. Then wash off followed by shampoo and conditioner. This mixture is a miracle for my hair and I apply it at least once a week. Now, my hair is smooth, shiny and comparatively straight!!! If you are pure vegetarian, then you can go only for curd. This can also be replaced with milk if you want to give a natural straighten look to your hair. Well, it depends on the curls of your hair.

Brush Brush And Brush!!!

Brushing your hair often increases blood circulation to the scalp which in turn adds moisture to hair as well as promote hair growth. Whether your hair are damaged or not, it is very important that you always take proper care like I do now.