6 Best Hair Loss Prevention Tips

hair loss prevention Hair loss has become an extremely common problem amongst many people around the world. Both men and women have tried many treatments and methods to cure the problem but have failed to do so.

This is the reason why preventing the problem of hair loss is a much better option than treating it later on. There are various ways to prevent hair loss from occurring in the first place and if you follow these strictly, you will surely escape the problem of hair loss. Make use of these 6 best hair loss prevention tips and enjoy beautiful and lovely hair for days to come.

Effective Tips For Hair Loss Prevention

Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

Many a times, hair loss problems begin when you do not lead a healthy lifestyle as nail, skin and hair stay healthy when you yourself are healthy.

fresh fruits and vegtables

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables every day as they are rich in iron, calcium, zinc and Vitamin B which are absolutely essential for healthy hair. Include protein in your diet every single day and give your hair what it is mostly made up of. Drink lots of water regularly; preferably 10 glasses a day.

Avoid Unhealthy Hair Practices

Unhealthy hair practices include pulling and tying the hair into a tight knot or braid, using various types of chemical treatments which cause harm to your hair and spoil its quality, extensive blow-drying and combing the hair or drying it with a towel when wet.

All these practices pull the hair strands from their roots, damage hair follicles and dry the scalp. All these in turn result in hair fall and eventually hair loss.

Take Care Of Your Hair Regularly

If your hair is dirty, the chances of it getting infected and weak increase ten-fold and they start falling. This is the reason why keeping your hair absolutely clean is one of the best preventive tips for hair loss.


Use good quality products like shampoos and conditioners and also oil your hair from time to time. Use almond, olive and castor oil to prevent hair loss. Trim your hair every 2 months so that split-ends do not occur.

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Use A Home Paste

Take around 3 tablespoons of henna, 2 tablespoons of curd, a tablespoon of grounded fenugreek seeds, 1 egg and 2 tablespoons of grounded gooseberries and make a paste with it.

Crush around 3 to 4 hibiscus flowers and mix it to the paste. Apply this on your hair once a week, let it rest on your hair for an hour and shampoo out well. This will make your hair much stronger than before and also make it healthier.

Head Massage


Getting a head massage will help to increase the blood flow to a large extent. Good blood circulation helps in keeping the follicles of hair quite active, strong and prevents hair loss. Use bay essential oil, lavender oil or almond oil for best results.

Use Antioxidants

You can apply antioxidants on your hair as a brilliant hair loss prevention method as they help to prevent hair loss and also boost new growth. To do this, take two green tea bags, brew them in some warm water and then apply the bags on the scalp. Leave it for around 30 to 40 minutes and then rise well.