6 Best Haircuts For Straight Hair

Ask a woman what type of hair she loves the most? Invariably her answer would be: straight hair! Straight hair is an all-time favourite amongst women for reasons best known. It is very easy to manage, they don’t frizz a lot, one can experiment a lot and it never goes out of fashion. 

But again, straight hair has its share of negatives too. If not styled properly, it generally renders a flat look and makes you believe as if you have less hair. Read on to find out more about the 6 best haircuts for people with natural straight hair.

Popular Haircuts For Straight Hair

Straight One Length Cut

With the summers around, the least you would want to do is get all sweaty. What better way to keep yourself fresh than trying a straight one length cut hair and tying it into a high pony. This style is largely for women with long or shoulder-length hair.

Straight One Length Cut

It doesn’t just make you look classy but is high on fashion too. If you are stepping out for a party, don’t forget to use some serum. Tie the pony with a band, cover it with a wide piece of your hair from the base and finally pin it. You’re ready with a neat look for your party.

Inverted Bob Cut

This style is for people with stick straight hair. Its helps add some volume to your hair. Try snipping your blunt ends shorter at the back. This style always looks chic and is easy to maintain. One must make sure to blow dry to make it look neater.


This one is for women who like their hair short. This famous hairstyle has been in fashion for years now. Women with straight hair could easily get a pixie or crop (as it is better known).

pixie cut

To add some fun, try going in for layers and add some volume to your crown by throwing in shorter layers there. You could also try the ‘out-of-the-bed’ look with this style. Least on maintenance, high on style!

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Feathery Layers

This one is for people with long hair. Layers look great on straight hair because they actually get visibility. Start your layers from jaws, going till the end. Keep your layers thick. Feathery layers don’t just look great when left open but can also be tied up completely into a pony or half-clipped.

Side-swept Fringe With Layers

The unique feature in this style is the combination of traditional smooth, long hair and the modern fringe. Add layers to your length and try going in for a side-swept bang.

Side-swept Fringe With Layers

However, care must be taken to blow dry the fringe to prevent your look from falling all flat. Make sure that the fringe doesn’t cover your entire forehead and it must be swept on any one side. This look will help add some bounce and volume to your hair.

Brow Grazing Bangs

Go in for poker straight blunt ends and eyebrow grazing bangs. This style is best suited for those who don’t want to say goodbye to their length and yet add a dash of fun to their hair. You could try going in for some layers but it looks best with equal length hair.