6 Best Spiky Hairstyles For Small Kids

small kids hairstyles Spikes are the essence of every season, and creating a spiky hairstyle on kids would preferably show elegance in their appearance. Most kids are mischievous and playful that they do not stick to a particular place.

Mothers comb their hair, but by the time they reach their school or playground their hair looks tacky as they are smashed on their face. Plus moms keep on pestering their kids to sideline the fallen hair from their eyes. The spiky hairstyles are not only the simplest but also maintain their own coolness.

Secondly today’s small little kids are very much aware of their looks that they in between their play and study quite often peep in front of mirror and makeup their hair. Parents now have the chance to experiment their kids’ hairstyle with the best and variety spikes that will suit them comfortably and also giving a versatile cut.

Unique Spiky Hairstyles For Kids

Spiky Bangs

Implementing spiky bangs looks great on boys. Even the girls who love to have a boyish look can opt for this hair style. The hairstylist after shaping your kid’s hair has to pour a texture to the spiky style. He/she thus utilizes a thick amount of gel so that the small hair pieces will be sliced thinly.

Avoid making the hair head flat. The right handling of comb and gel application will make way for the bangs in the upward direction. The bangs should be in slim clusters, hence upholding the upper spikes.

Spiky Pigtails


Spiky Pigtails on little boys and girls look amazing if they possess this style. As girls have long hair till shoulder, the hairdresser can create two, three or may be more pigtails on the top portion of the head by locking them with the help of hair rubber bands, thus giving a gracious impression. In order to add the consistency of the spikes, put spray on every pigtail and insert them with gel.


This spike looks damn cool on boys. Girls too have their own Fohawk hairstyle. This is a punk hairstyle where the side hairs are trimmed with the middle portion being tipped upwards directly.


If the kid has a healthy and thick hair, Fohawk cut will be apt as per its growth. The hairstylist can utilize a sturdy hairspray so that the hair will remain straight. Sturdy gel can be also used to split the fohawk into spiky style hair. If your kid wants a funky hair, a short term hair color can also be sprayed over nicely.

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Medusa Braids

This hairstyle is an innovative hairstyle and it would look pretty interesting on girls. Ok girls can make ponytails in Medusa-style braids. In the Greek myths it was known that medusa being a giant, the goddess Athena had twirled its’ hair into snakes’ heads, and from there on this style arrived.

Medusa Braids

The hairstylist will braid your hair brilliantly into average-sturdy braids. A sturdy gel can be applied to carve the braids upwards, and if you want array in your hairstyle few of the braids can be circled among each other. Gel can be used on the curled braids too to improve its quality.

Spiky Cool Hairstyle

This is the most popular spiky haircut among boys. These spikes surely make the little kids extra smart as they are crafted with thin spiky strands covering the upper portion completely and a bit in the sides too. These sharp sparks enhance the height of the boys by two inches more.

Straight Dark Hairstyle

If the kid has overgrown thick hair, the hairstylist can give a usual spiky cut shape on the whole with the shape of each spike almost the same. Kids will showcase an astounding style of their own. You can color the spikes with strong gel inserting a fashionable effect on them.

Why not giving your small son or daughter a spiky hairstyle this season than going for other distinct hairstyles? Spiky is the current ongoing trend as the kids will rock themselves in this casual spiky look!


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