6 Best Ways To Fix Damaged Hair

damaged hair cure In order to look good and stylish, a girl wears those clothes which are in fashion, uses the latest kind of accessories and uses a variety of hair styling products. Though experimenting with clothing and accessories is perfectly alright, too much of styling and use of various products can harm your hair and damage it.

When a girl experiences damaged hair, she needs to take care of her hair in many ways and fix the damage immediately. The 6 best ways to fix damaged hair have been described below and will help you get back strong and healthy locks of hair.

Effective Ways To Fix Damaged Hair

Get A Trimming Done

Damaged hair needs to be trimmed off at the ends as they are most likely to have split ends which can cause greater damage to your hair.

trimming hair

To make your hair look fresher and start getting it back to normal, you must get a trimming done and cut at least 1 to 2 inches of your hair. If you can do it, cut a little more as this part of the hair has been exposed to the reasons for damage for a longer time than the hair on the top.

Stop Using Heat Completely

Heat can be one of the main reasons why your hair got damaged in the first place so it makes complete sense to avoid it now to fix your damaged hair and bring back its normal health. Avoid curling and straightening irons and blow dryers strictly. Let your hair air dry as much as possible.

Use Natural And Organic Products

organic products

Refrain from using those hair products which contains chemicals and harmful products in them. Use only natural and organic shampoos, conditioners and serums as they are sulfate free and will not damage your hair any further. They will instead restore back the good health of the hair by making it healthy and strong and also add life to it.

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Apply Oil

Applying oils like that of almond, olive or coconut will help dry and damaged hair to get back its lost moisture and make it healthy once again. Apply a generous amount of oil on your hair and massage the oil on the scalp with the help of your fingertips. Let it rest for at least 30 to 40 minutes after which you can rinse it with water.

Eat A Healthy Diet

Very few people know that just like their body, their hair’s health too depends on the kind of food that they eat.

healthy diet

Drink loads and loads of water, eat food items rich in vitamins and minerals and get a good night’s sleep to restore back the health of your hair. Include in your diet food items like walnuts, salmon, flaxseeds, spinach, carrots, avocados and kale as they can work wonders in fixing damaged hair.

Apply Mayonnaise And Avocado Mask

Take a cup of mayonnaise and add half a cup of freshly grated avocado to it. Mix well and apply well over your hair and scalp to fix the damage done to your hair. Mayonnaise is made by adding oil to eggs which contain a lot of protein.

Protein is what your hair is made up of and will help to fix damaged hair quickly. Let the mix sit on your hair for half an hour after which you can wash it off with a mild shampoo that contains natural ingredients.