6 Different Hair Styles

Vintage-Inspired Prom Hairstyles

A hairstyle has become an integral part of makeup now. As with the clothing, makeup and accessories hairstyles have also got revamped from time to time. There are hairstyles to suit different face shapes which can accentuate your pros and hide your cons. You don’t have to change the texture of your hair to get that stunning celebrity look; there are different hairstyles now for different hair textures, straight, curly, wavy or afro.

Not only that, you can spruce up your hair for different occasions like a prom, an evening party, a social event, a wedding or a casual outing. You can find stylish and edgy hairstyles for varying hair lengths – ultra short, short, shoulder length, mid-length and long hair. Since listing all varieties of hairstyles is out of scope, we have brought some of the well known and versatile hairstyles for different hair lengths here. Check them out.

Different Hair Styles

Pixie hairstyle

One of the stylish and trendiest hairstyles for very short hair is a pixie hairstyle. Lots and lots of celebrities are spotted flaunting this beauty. Pixie hairstyle is boyish yet feminine.

Pixie style

You can style your short hair with layers, bangs, spikes, curls and hot and spicy hues. All the pixie cuts may not suit everybody, so choose a cut that perfectly suits your style and personality.

Braided Hairstyles

Braided hairstyles are summer’s coolest companions. Style your long hair into flattering braids form simple braided headbands to intricate braided updos.

braided style

Incorporate braids into ponytails, messy buns or weave it to a French braided waterfall hairstyle with loose hair. A braid can become a timeless crown or a twisted fishtail to add a whole lot of spunk to your style.

Bob Hairstyles

A bob is a classic hairstyle that can never go out of fashion. There are such flattering variations in bob hairstyle that one just can’t stop, but admire the versatility of this hairstyle.


A choppy bob hairstyle can make you look younger and sassier. Experiment with asymmetric bob to take the attention off from the roundness of your face. Style your gorgeous curls and spirals with ultra modern and feminine curly bobs.

Emo Hairstyles

One of the hottest trends among youngsters is the emo hairstyles. There are endless choices to choose from for emo styling. It features asymmetrical lengths and different color backgrounds and highlights.

emo haircut

The long and heavy bangs cover one or both the eyes. It strongly represents the personality of the person with bold and vibrant hues and styling.

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Ponytail Hairstyles

A Ponytail can be called a default and staple hairstyle; it is simple, easy and comfortable for all hair types and all face shapes. A simple and boring ponytail can be spruced up for a chic statement.

low side ponytail

A long and sleek ponytail looks smart and graceful. A low and loose side ponytail makes you look charming and beautiful. Knotted and braided ponytails add an artistic twist to your boring ponytails.

Vintage Hairstyles

Vintage Hairstyles

Our past never ceases to inspire us. That is so true for hairstyles too. Vintage hairstyles are back. Modern day hairstyles are heavily influenced by the retro and vintage styles. Style your hair into misty waves and gorgeous updos embellished with vintage accessories to complete the look. So, which is your favorite hairstyle?